Bitchboy Part 2

When I first met Jan­ice, I was the old me. The cocky frat dude, the big man about cam­pus, the life of the par­ty. The guy who would bed down five girls in one week-end and get blowjobs from five more over the course of the next week. Well, that’s all still true about me, actu­al­ly. Except for the part about all the girls.

I nev­er fig­ured I was the kind to swing both ways. Jan­ice real­ly brought it out in me. I’m sure none of the guys I hang with would have ever fig­ured me for a fag, either. Includ­ing the ones who are… real inti­mate with me now. I mean, I always noticed the good­look­ing guys. They’re the com­pe­ti­tion, right? Not that I ever sweat­ed it that much–like I’m say­ing, I think I’m pret­ty hot, myself. Then, a few times, I got a hardon when I’d wres­tle my drink­ing buds at the frat house, or rolling around play­ing foot­ball on the quad. And I had this old­er cousin who used to suck me off every time I saw him when we were grow­ing up, so I guess I was always pret­ty open-mind­ed. But noth­ing could pre­pare me for life with Janice.

It start­ed three years ago. We met at a par­ty, and I thought she was so foxy. I told her my name was Cedric, we flirt­ed for a lit­tle while, and even start­ed kiss­ing, but then Adam came over. He’s this total jock that the women go crazy for: broad shoul­ders, hard chest, not much neck, dark hair, etc. I guess Jan­ice had met him at the par­ty before I arrived. He did­n’t look too hap­py, and although I’ve got a good body, this guy could waste me if he want­ed, so I start­ed to back off. I tried to excuse myself, but Jan­ice insist­ed I stay.

Adam does­n’t mind, do you, Adam?” she asked sweet­ly. She was a lit­tle bit drunk. Adam still did­n’t look hap­py, but I stayed.

Jan­ice and I got more drinks and con­tin­ued talk­ing, and Adam did­n’t say much. He took the oppor­tu­ni­ty to scope out some of the oth­er tasty females at the par­ty. Just when I thought he was going to jump ship and leave us alone again, Jan­ice sud­den­ly said to both of us:

You guys both real­ly want to fuck me tonight, don’t you?”

Adam and I exchanged shocked glances. Then I cracked up laugh­ing, but Adam said in his earnest, dumb-jock way: “Fuck yeah!”

Well, you’re in luck. I’m horny, and I like two guys at one time.”

It took Adam and me a lit­tle while to feel com­fort­able with the idea, but we both want­ed into her pants so bad that soon enough, we were fol­low­ing her sweet lit­tle ass out of the par­ty and back to her dorm room in the build­ing next door. Once we got to her room, she start­ed pulling both our clothes off. Adam’s jer­sey dis­ap­peared first, expos­ing his well-gymmed chest. I pulled off my own T‑shirt. My chest did­n’t look any­thing like Adam’s but it had a great, sleek build to it, and more hair. I think Jan­ice appre­ci­at­ed the con­trast, as she ran each of her hands up and down our chests simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, look­ing us in the eyes.

Then Jan­ice undid her own jeans and start­ed to pull them down. She lost her bal­ance, and fell on her back on the bed, drunk and laugh­ing. Adam, not miss­ing a cue, imme­di­ate­ly dropped to his knees on the floor and helped her get those tight jeans the rest of the way off. She wore these sexy black panties, and Adam’s hand­some face dis­ap­peared into her crotch, eat­ing her steam­ing pussy through the under­wear. I yanked down my shorts and knelt on the bed, so that Jan­ice could take my cock in her mouth.

As I had expect­ed, she gave a fan­tas­tic blowjob. In fact I was just about to cum when she announced: “Cedric, I want you to fuck me first. Do it now!”

A half-sec­ond lat­er I was push­ing my new friend Adam aside and mount­ing Jan­ice’s hot snatch, bury­ing my thick 18-year-old bone into her in one deep thrust. Adam’s sali­va had loos­ened her nice­ly. She moaned and grabbed my slim hips as I start­ed bang­ing her rapid-fire. I want­ed to hold off cum­ming but her blowjob had got­ten me so close, it was only a minute or two before I was dump­ing my load into her sweet pussy.

After I was done, I could tell from her breath­ing that she want­ed more. She want­ed to do us both, rapid fire, in quick suc­ces­sion. No prob­lem at all. As Adam took my place between Jan­ice’s legs, I went over to her room­mate’s bed and fell back on it, lazi­ly pulling on my spent dick, hop­ing that once Adam was done I might take anoth­er shot.

Need­less to say, my hardon returned almost imme­di­ate­ly. It was a few min­utes into watch­ing their fuck that I start­ed to real­ize what was turn­ing me on the most–not just the beau­ti­ful Jan­ice lying there in ecsta­sy, moan­ing for more, but also Adam him­self, the stereo­typ­i­cal hot jock stud, fuck­ing the hell out of this hot girl he’d only just met at a par­ty a few hours before. I’d caught a few guys from my frat fuck­ing their girls before, but it was­n’t like this. Adam’s hard, mus­cu­lar ass was like an icon of male per­fec­tion as it rose and sank rapid­ly between Jan­ice’s thighs. I glimpsed his dick, a foot-long mon­ster of a thing that looked like it could total­ly tear her apart. And the rest of his strong body, his flex­ing arms sup­port­ing his mas­sive tor­so as he hov­ered over her, his hand­some face sweat­ing and gri­mac­ing from erot­ic exer­tion. I was ready to pop a nut just watch­ing this hot guy go at it, as he fucked the hell out of the girl into whom I’d just shot my load.

As I beat off watch­ing Adam, I looked down and saw Jan­ice look­ing direct­ly at me, smil­ing. She was in a state of bliss from the expert pound­ing she was get­ting from Adam the jock, but her smile said even more.

Come over here,” she said, motion­ing me back to their bed. I obeyed, and she took my hard cock in her free hand and pumped it up and down, con­tin­u­ing breath­less­ly: “Oh god, this cock felt so good inside me just now, Cedric. Just now, when you were fuck­ing me. I want you to put it in my hole again when Adam’s done. I want to feel his huge cock shoot off inside my pussy, and then I want yours inside me again!”

I was­n’t going to argue with her inten­tions. I only hoped I could hold off from cum­ming again before Adam was done with his fuck. “Then quit pulling on it,” I told her, out of breath. “I wan­na cum in you.”

But she could­n’t seem to let go of my hard eight inch­es. In fact, she pulled me clos­er to her and took my dick in her mouth again. Oh sweet god, she gave the best, most mar­velous head I’d ever got­ten. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back. Every stroke I made in and out of her mouth was heav­en. She’d take me in for a few long sucks, then pull all the way out and run her tongue over the head, just to keep me on edge.

I even­tu­al­ly start­ed to notice she was pulling my cock in a slight­ly dif­fer­ent direc­tion, and was shocked to look down and see that it was­n’t just Jan­ice giv­ing me this treat­ment. She was feed­ing my fat cock to Adam as well! As the jock hunk con­tin­ued pound­ing his foot-long slab of flesh in and out of this hot girl’s pussy, he was also suck­ing my cock, repeat­ing the same pat­tern Jan­ice had start­ed with. She’d let him take a few sucks, and lick around the tip, and then she’d do the same as Adam kissed around her face and neck.

Whoa!” I cried out, but I made no move to step away. This was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Adam was total­ly casu­al about it. I final­ly fig­ured out that he and she had prob­a­bly done this before, and so they had sin­gled me out to recruit into their hot bi action. I got off know­ing that this total stud was fuck­ing the same girl as me, and at the same exact time, was feed­ing my rock-hard frat­boy dick into his hun­gry mouth.

Adam gave head just as sweet as Jan­ice, if not bet­ter. After I real­ized this, Jan­ice let him take over, and went back to sim­ply lean­ing back and moan­ing as Adam’s jock body pounced up and down on her petite, gor­geous nympho frame. I was trans­fixed with the sight of my cock mov­ing in and out of this hot jock­’s lips. He slob­bered up and down my pole, run­ning his tongue over the ridges under­neath the head, bring­ing me clos­er and clos­er to shoot­ing off. Final­ly, I could­n’t hold back any more, and my sec­ond load of the evening coursed through my entire body. I shot my wad into Adam’s mouth, and he swal­lowed it all.

At the taste of my hot seed, Adam lost con­trol in Jan­ice’s pussy, and he grunt­ed as his own load shot out of his mam­moth dick to make its way inside her. As he came, he fon­dled her pert breasts, and I could tell by Jan­ice’s moans that she was hav­ing an orgasm, as well. Adam con­tin­ued heav­ing in and out of her until he’d total­ly spent his shot. Then he fell for­ward onto her, still hold­ing my dick, and he leaned toward me once again to gob­ble the last few drops of sperm of my shaft and dick­head before they relaxed together.

Fuck,” I said to them. “That was hot.”

I felt a lit­tle awk­ward, just stand­ing there as they coiled in post-coital hap­pi­ness. Then Adam looked up at me, and smiled. “Join us,” he said. So I crawled onto the bed with them, lying between their warm, sweaty bod­ies, fac­ing Jan­ice. We all hugged a bit, and as I ran my hands up and down Jan­ice’s sexy body, over her breasts, her slim hips, and her per­fect skin–I felt Adam’s rough hands doing the same for me. He caressed my chest mus­cles first, then worked his way gen­tly down to my legs and spent cock. I shud­dered a few times as he did this, but it was fan­tas­tic. My body thrilled at his touch. Even count­ing the blowjobs I got from my cousin, I had nev­er been touched by a man this way. It was like noth­ing I’d ever felt.

You feel­ing weird yet, man?” he asked.

I was qui­et a moment before respond­ing. “Yeah, a little.”

Feels good, though?”

Fuck yeah.”


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