Last night was typ­i­cal for me. I was at a par­ty off-cam­pus with some of my frat broth­ers, where we had been promised some easy tail from some fine-look­ing ladies from the oth­er col­lege near­by. But we got there late, and most of the hot ones had already been snatched up (so to speak). So we took the par­ty into our own hands. My bud­dies intro­duced the most­ly male crowd to my “spe­cial talents”…and for the rest of the evening, I was on my knees in one of the back bed­rooms, chok­ing down big dicks as I took one hot cock after anoth­er right up by young, mus­cled hun­gry boy chute. Between the guys who came in my mouth and the guys who wait­ed to shoot up my ass, I fig­ure I took around thir­ty or thir­ty-five hot loads of cum.

I’m a hot-look­ing cocky frat dude, total­ly bi, who sim­ply loves givin’ it to the women and takin’ it from the men. Over my first year in col­lege (so far) I’m got­ten my fine ass pumped full of seed by hun­dreds of guys from near­ly every frat on cam­pus, not to men­tion plen­ty of the non-frat male pop­u­la­tion as well, includ­ing my fair share of ath­letes, grad stu­dents, and profs. When that isn’t enough, I go to par­ties like the one last night and whore out my hole for the oth­er hot young bucks who go to oth­er col­leges or else just live near­by. And let me tell you, I fuckin’ love it. Once I get going, I can’t get enough dick in my ass.

Most guys (and women) tell me I’ve got the sweet­est body they’ve ever fucked. I’ve worked out steadi­ly since 10th grade, and I still work out every day–in fact I get a lot of my action late­ly from the studs I meet in the weight room and lock­er­room at the on-cam­pus gym. I don’t have such a big frame, but what I do have car­ries me well. My shoul­ders and broad and my pecs stretch across them nice an tight, stick­ing out into my T‑shirt like two lit­tle pil­lows. I have a trim waist (I buy the size 28 2Xist briefs and jocks) and my finest asset, so to speak, is my tight, cute lit­tle bub­ble butt. I’m hangin’ a good fat six inch­es for the guys and ladies who want to make use of that. But most often, my perky frat ass is the busi­ness end of my tight, per­fect young lit­tle bod. After a few years’ prac­tice, I’m proud to say it can take dicks of any size. And believe me–I’ve put that claim to the test many times. You would­n’t believe how some of these col­lege boys are hung! I haven’t seen dicks that big before, unless you count don­keys. The big­ger the bet­ter, for me.

So you can imag­ine the pow­er of lust that comes over these dudes when they see my ass in the air at frat par­ties or wher­ev­er, two hot lit­tle globes stick­ing out of my jock or else naked in the air, wait­ing for them to fill me up. If oth­ers have cum before them they will see the trail of man slime leak­ing out of my hole and down my run­ner’s legs. That’s when I like it best–when I’ve been well-fucked by my first few, I can feel the evi­dence inside me and pour­ing out, and I see the looks on the faces of the hard, wide-eyed studs who are all lin­ing up to take their turn. I can get fucked long into the night, which makes these par­ties real­ly fun.

And in all of this, there is a spe­cial per­son, with whom I have a spe­cial rela­tion­ship, and who plays a very spe­cial role. Her name is Jan­ice, and she is the sweet­est, hottest, sex­i­est and most unin­hib­it­ed young lady I have ever had the plea­sure to know, or will prob­a­bly ever know. I start­ed mess­ing with boys because, basi­cal­ly, she told me to. Nev­er in my life had I even con­sid­ered it. I guess love makes us do fun­ny things.

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