Back from Thailand

Just touch down to Kuala Lumpur Inter­na­tion­al Air­port from a trip from Thai­land. I must say it has been quite a while that I have since land­ed in that nice sweet country.

A cou­ple of my friends and I went to this club called Tawan Bar at Sura­wong Road. Tawan club was well know as being a gay bar, and has got a lot of action in between. It has been raid­ed before, and it seems that the action had died down a bit. Oth­er than that, we had no oth­er places to go, so I thought why not just give it a try. Per­haps a drink would be nice as well.

Tawan is some­how a not too loud music kind of bar, besides the expen­sive drinks. We got there ear­ly, at about 9 at night. The show is still not on yet, but we were look­ing at the mus­cu­lar boys pos­ing on stage. A lot of them were too pumped up to my lik­ing, but there are some that are medi­um build with real­ly young look­ing face which I real­ly liked.

One of them was real­ly cute, sweet and mis­chevi­ous face with some nat­ur­al look­ing mus­cles and a adorable look­ing bottom.

The show start­ed at about 11 when an elder­ly man was danc­ing some Thai dance on the stage. They were also doing some S&M move­ments, drip­ping can­dle wax to the cute boy that was had my eye on ear­li­er on. I am not exact­ly a fan of S&M but my heart felt the pain for a while. Moments lat­er, the show seems to be over when all of them went to the back stage.

Just when we thought the short per­for­mance was over, four boys wear­ing box­ing hel­mets start­ed kick box­ing start­ed per­form­ing on the stage. At the same time, 4 more boys wear­ing con­dom came out to the stage and start fuck­ing the first four. The cute boy that I saw, was being fucked by a hunky and rough mus­cle boy. My heart sank.

With the great speed and all, under the strobe light, it seems what they are doing are acro­bat­ic. One of the oth­er fuc­k­ees was very cute and seems to enjoy being fucked.

There was a num­ber on the 2 boys that I saw, I told the mam­mas­san that I want­ed them both. I paid about 700 Baht for them, and took them over for the night.

It was a fun night, the boy enjoyed my fuck, as much as I enjoyed him fuck­ing me. It is Thai­land, after all.

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