Are you positive, or negative?

Positive or Negative
The media calls it the influx of moral deca­dence, some peo­ple calls it God’s act to clean up the world.

HIV and AIDS has been in the world for almost 2 decades, com­ing to three. Yet, many peo­ple are still unaware, or just plain ignorant.

A boy once told me, HIV virus was formed when there by two indi­vid­u­al’s sperm mixed togeth­er. That is how HIV exist, and not the muta­tion of oth­er harm­less virus.

HIV, it is a very impor­tant key­word in the GLTB world, and yet it is also a taboo sub­ject. When I watch Queer as Folk to pass on time, HIV has been men­tion so many times, that it freaks me out.

One thing for sure, is that like in the series, many peo­ple thinks that HIV equals to AIDS, it is not.

The only safe sex to have is not to have sex at all, not even that urge to suck a nice 6 inch cock. No, never.

Why not? Con­dom will even­tu­al­ly fail. Ultra thin Durex con­doms are not meant for the rougher anal pas­sage. More­over, some ultra thin Durex users often com­bine their sex­u­al fan­tasies with pop­pers, which makes their ses­sions last longer.

What if the con­dom breaks? Will that mat­ter? It is almost as you are not using one.

Are you wear­ing the right sized con­doms? Too tight will tear the con­dom apart, too loose and it will slip off. God did not make our cocks the same size, nei­ther did Durex made their con­doms. So choose wisely.

I remem­bered one of the sex­ca­pade when I was in my younger days. We used a con­dom, I fucked him. How­ev­er, lubri­cant was­n’t a lux­u­ry, and the lubri­cant that we used, was from the con­dom itself.

Half way through the ses­sion, the con­dom broke.

I did not know what to do, I con­tin­ue fuck­ing him and I came. I could see the fear in his eyes, I was still being igno­rant that he might trans­fer some STI to me.

A decade lat­er, I checked out fine. No STD, no HIV, noth­ing, ziltch.

But that did not stop me from unsafe sex.

The fear of HIV is lurk­ing inside me recent­ly, per­haps due to ‘Queer As Folk’ I am not sure.

Then, yes­ter­day’s night­mare was mind open­ing. Imag­ine those leech­es that bites on to you, and nev­er let go until they are full. Imag­ine these leech­es are about the size of a python. Imag­ine each of my tes­ti­cles were bit­ten by one of these python sized leech­es that would not let it go until they have sucked the cum out of me. Imag­ine some friend of mine who were so will­ing to help, they pulled the python togeth­er with my size­able testicles.

Fable Frog said I was sex­u­al­ly deprived.

Per­haps I was.

Should I rub­ber up this time? Maybe I’ll just make love with my right hand, it’s guar­an­teed to be safe this way.

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2 Responses to Are you positive, or negative?

  1. Raeshad November 11, 2008 at 1:28 am #

    [email protected] might be right, but it does­n’t real­ly mean that you’ve to stop hav­ing sex all­to­geth­er though 😀

    just rub­ber up.….

    or, just go raw with whom you only trust.…

    or, the third option » just ignore my say and do what you want. xD it’s your prerogative

  2. Cedric Ang November 13, 2008 at 3:18 am #

    Rae­shad, im still sex­u­al­ly deprived. I guess I missed the boy more than I thought.

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