I think I am get­ting annoyed more often these days. I don’t know; per­haps there are more idiots lurk­ing around than we actu­al­ly real­ized.

Exam­ple one.

Will send you a mes­sage on a net­work­ing site, “care to be friends?” with the sub­ject title, “i”

*Usu­al­ly, I would look into the con­tent, and per­haps accept them as friends. How­ev­er these are get­ting way too often, and the reoc­cur­ance of hav­ing added a low life has been on the high end. I gen­er­al­ly ignore and delete these requests now. *

Exam­ple two.

Are you PLU?

*Ask­ing this in a gay forum, is like walk­ing in to 7–11 ask­ing for a pack of con­doms. Nuff said.*

Exam­ple three.

Hey, I added you in Face­book, can you send me your pics please?

*If you have added me from Face­book, you had prob­a­bly seen my pro­file, in any case, why still ask­ing for my pic­ture?*

Exam­ple four.

Same as above, “I added you from Face­book, intro please?”

*Click on my name in your Face­book, search for the tab that says INFO. Read from there.*

Exam­ple five.

Ran­dom peo­ple adding me on MSN, ask­ing the ques­tion “Hi, who is this?”

*Gen­er­al action, block and delete.*

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  1. Haha­ha wut the heck!? Geez, you must get these peo­ple often enough to be so annoyed with the,? Lucky me, it’s not the case for me! Not as famous as ya! 😛

  2. Sigh, if u look into friend­ster.. There’s so many of them doin this thing.. Wats wrong with the kids now­days…

  3. some­times, some­how some­what…

    Just the mat­ter peo­ple deal­ing with peo­ple, the world is con­nect­ing us togeth­er to make things sim­ple by “intro pls” “can i have your pic”

    I won­der some­day our world is no longer need to type AI will do all for you…