Ah Chung and his Boy Friend

I have met Ah Chung once, chat­ted with him both in IRC and on the phone. Once he asked me to meet up with him in Kepong, I said okay. He want­ed me to fetch his new found boy friend as well. I thought it should be okay since his boy friend is stay­ing near me.

His boy friend is about 16 or 17 years old, no longer study and work as a VCD sell­er. Chung likes those who has the “ah beng” look, or some call it “lala jai” look.

So I thought this boy friend of his must be real­ly cute since I have met some real­ly cute lala jais. One of the worst thing that he did is, giv­ing me stu­pid road direc­tions. I end­ed up in Buk­it Jalil before being able to make a U‑Turn.

That aside, he could have just tell me the area name “cor­rect­ly” and I could have just use anoth­er short­er route!

My first impres­sion when I looked at him, he’s one of the worst kid that I have ever seen, with his hair dan­gling in front of his face, the way he dress, and the way he looked. I real­ly regret promis­ing Ah Chung to fetch him.

On the way to Kepong, I used the Old Klang Road route. Because it was always after work­ing hours, the road was jam packed with cars. I noticed that my car water tem­per­a­ture went up pret­ty high and I told him that I want­ed the car to take a break.

It all went well, we meet up with Chung, who even­tu­al­ly end­ed up at the wrong place. You see, there were 2 KFC in that area and he went to the small­er one.

I sent them back after they had their din­ner. On the way back, I jok­ing­ly touched Ah Chung’s lap teas­ing him, while his boy friend was in the car. Before he got his boy friend, I was always flirt­ing with him, want­ed to suck him and things like that. That time, I thought his boy friend would not mind, because to me its just a nor­mal touch.

Chung did not talk to me ever since, until about 1 year after the incident.

We meet up again at the same place, I told him that I am horny and I guess he was also horny and he want­ed me to go over to his place. Though he do not have a place for sex, but we did it in the car any­ways, at the rail­way sta­tion’s car park.

He sucked me for quite a bit, even­tu­al­ly I want­ed to fuck him but he just decline me say­ing that he’s tired and theres no place and things. I sucked him a while and decid­ed that I want him to fuck me instead, I sat on it. Because the lack of lubri­ca­tion, it did not went in all the way and it was quite painful, both of us call it a day.

I man­aged to find out that he had bro­ken up with his boy friend, and also know that he pre­vi­ous­ly was in love with Kelvin from Ipoh, which I felt sur­prised. He even told me that, it was Kelv­in’s boy friend, Shinya that broke them up.

At the same time, I also man­aged to find out that Kelvin also had been togeth­er with Melvin from Selayang, a cute boy that I real­ly like hug­ging and sucking.

** Ah Beng, Asian Chi­nese, often Chi­nese edu­cat­ed with poor Eng­lish under­stand­ing. Always appear with dyed hair with weird col­ors, often gold or neon. Some goes along with huge ear rings and nose rings.

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