After the breakup

A lot of peo­ple had been ask­ing me how did my last adven­ture in the zoo go. I could only say that some details has been removed to pro­tect my dear, and of course to pro­tect me. All in all, we took about 4GB worth of pic­tures. That’s about 1000+ of pic­tures in 7 Megapix­els worth.

On a rather seri­ous ques­tions, do you still keep in touch with your boy friends after a bad breakup? Do you apol­o­gize before the breakup? Do you say thank you?

After 3 rather bad breakups, I had not kept in touch with any of my ex boy friends. Except for A, my last boy friend that I called when I had rela­tion­ship prob­lems. A is a sweet boy, we do not spend time togeth­er that often, or at least as much as I want­ed to. When it comes to lis­ten­ing to me, he put it to his full attention.

Besides A, I do not talk to my oth­er ex. I do not want to both­er about my sec­ond ex, the last I heard, he hates my guts. Con­sid­er­ing how much he had ‘used’ me to his ben­e­fits, I don’t see why he should hate me. Per­haps it was because that I have fucked him after we broke up, with­out giv­ing him much of a pleasure?

I apol­o­gize, I apol­o­gize when I think I did some­thing wrong. I apol­o­gize when I hurt some­one’s feel­ings. I apol­o­gize to A for being too sticky to him, I apol­o­gize to him that I think I might have infect­ed him with HIV. I did.

I say thank you to A for being a good and nice boy friend. I say thank you to A for being a good lover. I thank A for that nice lov­ing mak­ing ses­sion that we had. I think I did wrong.

Why should I say thank you? I thought that it was appro­pri­ate that time. Think­ing it back, it felt as if the fuck was, well just a fuck.

It would strike me real­ly awk­ward­ly if my ex were to approach me, and him start talk­ing about his boy friend with me. That friend­ship just do not look or feel like any friend­ship at all. It felt weird when I talk with A. In fact I think A was jeal­ous when I told him about places we went, things we eat, things we do togeth­er. A’s response was “How come we nev­er do that when we were together?”

Oh well.

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2 Responses to After the breakup

  1. Paul June 18, 2008 at 10:11 pm #

    Just give it some time. Time to lick the wounds, patch up some before you meet again.

  2. Cedric Ang June 20, 2008 at 10:33 am #

    We are doing fine, Paul!

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