A random visitor, Part 2

I kin­da like this Part 1 and Part 2 thing. It kin­da makes the blog inter­est­ing like a TV series where at the end of the show you get a “To be Con­tin­ued” thinggy.

Back to the sub­ject, and to recap what happen.

Yes­ter­day, I saw a stream of vis­i­tors com­ing in from this source. It was point­ing to my post, Spit or Swal­low and short­ly after that, he removed his email on the site, his Mul­ti­ply link and his post.

Well, Of course I have the ten­da­cy to save up every­thing inter­est­ing that I see on the net, just in case peo­ple remove them, like this case for example.

Since I have no oth­er known way to reach you, I guess this is my only mor­tal way to get my mes­sage across to you. Whether you inter­pret­ed it as a good thing or bad thing, I have total­ly no con­trol of. Emails to you were rather point­less as I don’t know how accu­rate the infor­ma­tion that I got.

Despite that, I think you are kin­da cute/hot. If you were any­where off my mark of ‘qual­i­fi­ca­tion’ then I have to say I don’t fuck­ing give a damn about it.

So what­ev­er it is, here it goes.

Kheng­Wei, you have once again dis­ap­point me. Being some­one who can fur­ther your stud­ies in Sin­ga­pore, I would expect a per­son that is much more knowl­edge­able than any Joe who stud­ies in Malaysia. Then again, I stud­ied in Malaysia (and still am) so putting that as my strong point also make it a weak point.

How­ev­er, I am glad that the traf­fic surge to your site were notice­able, I was wor­ried that it would have your atten­tion then my abu­sive typ­ing on my lap­top would have gone into waste. True enough, post­ing some­thing like this might be wrong to you, but I can assure you that it is total­ly com­plient with the Terms Of Ser­vice that my host­ing provider. I was­n’t seek­ing any enchant­ment by post­ing what I post­ed. I mean, you can blog about your school, your stud­ies (wish you well in your exams!) and every­thing else; why am I bound to your ‘moral­i­ty dic­ta­tion’ where like I have men­tioned ear­li­er, it is well com­pli­ant with my provider’s TOS?

The rea­son you have scrolled down your brows­er because you thought you have a good ges­ture in speed read­ing. How­ev­er, you have failed to iden­ti­fy the nature of the post before it was too late. Hence, any amount of warn­ing or dis­claimer plas­tered on the side would not suf­fice as it is your nature to not read.

You were say­ing that you don’t give a damn about what I have post­ed, then why are you still car­ry it on your shoul­der? Throw away that bur­den, and you might live happier.

Any­way Kheng­Wei, I am sor­ry that the pic­tures that I have post­ed con­fused you about your sex­u­al­i­ty. Okay, maybe not that seri­ous, but still…

Like I told you, you are kin­da hot.

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