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I have put up a lit­tle ‘dis­claimer’ kind of thing on top of every page that I have on this blog.

The rea­son I did that is because some lost soul cry foul over some of the pic­tures that they see, even though the first para­graphs of cum and licks already sug­gest­ed what is in place.

Thanks to Kheng­Wei that high­light­ed the site for me, but I must say that you are pret­ty much a hyp­ocrite your­self, don’t you think?

You are look­ing at a sweat­ing per­son and that makes you puke, then you must be liv­ing in the North Pole because peo­ple in Malaysia (or Sin­ga­pore for your case) sweats caused of the above 26 degrees of tempreture.

You cry foul the when you see Osbert lick­ing his own cum, but you did how­ev­er, vol­un­ter­i­ly scroll down your brows­er. Unless of course your brows­er ‘mag­i­cal­ly’ scroll down to see more of it, which I think would make your brows­er gay and you should quick­ly unin­stall Fire­fox. Try with Opera brows­er instead, I heard they are not as gay as Fire­fox or Inter­net Explorer.

You assumed too much, I said Osbert loves to lick up his own cum, I nev­er did said we were jack­ing off togeth­er. You have noth­ing against homo­sex­u­als, but like wise, you find them dis­gust­ing. That does­n’t real­ly sound right. As a gay, I don’t think het­ero­sex­u­als are dis­gust­ing. I mean, sex can only be 3 things.

  • Repro­duc­tion
  • Inti­ma­cy & Emo­tion­al needs
  • Sym­bol­ic Rituals

Now, for sure I am not into repro­duc­tion, not right now, not in the near future. Which leads me to inti­ma­cy with a lot of emo­tion­al needs.

Hav­ing said that, I do not just go out to any guys and ask them for sex, that’s wrong. In fact, we gay guys are cau­tious because not every oth­er guys out there share the same adven­tures as us. Straight peo­ple can post up movies and pic­tures of them fuck­ing each oth­er, why cry foul when a gay guy does the same? Where there any kit­tens killed in the process? No.

Then it comes to the sym­bol­ic rit­u­als. Did you know that the Emper­ors of Chi­na fucks guys to main­tain the Yin & Yang with­in their body? Do you also know that in ancient Greece that man and man sleeps (fucks) togeth­er but must use dif­fer­ent sex­u­al posi­tions for each gender?

Osbert were nev­er my part­ner, nor did he dumped me. We were just gay guys enjoy­ing our­selfs, just like you straight peo­ple jack­ing off look­ing at walls with your minds filled with boobs and pussies.

Then again, should­n’t you be a bit hap­pi­er because there are more gays out there? Less com­pe­ti­tion for you straight peo­ple, no?

By the way Khang­Wei, I thought that your pic­tures that you have post­ed in your Mul­ti­ply were kin­da hot. Well to put that in bet­ter words, I like guys with lit­tle leg hairs. Hairy legs turns me off. I could post your pic­ture here to share with my oth­er ‘gay’ read­ers how you looked like, but I think you might want that pri­va­cy to your­self. Of course, you can remove your pic­tures now like you have with your mul­ti­ply link and email, but I think it is too late as I already saved up all in my thumb­drive. Not too bad of a sight, I must say. Come to think of it, I think I might know you.

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2 Responses to A random visitor

  1. Someone you will find interesting December 4, 2007 at 11:25 pm #

    Care to be friends ? I’m sure you won’t regret it ;P

  2. Cedric Ang December 5, 2007 at 6:15 pm #

    You sure do spend a lot of time read­ing my archives. Well sure we can be friends but I real­ly dis­like mak­ing friends with some­one I will find interesting.


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