A good hug

Every­one deserves a hug once a while. I liked the way my boyfriend hugs me, from the back.

A light kiss to my ears, whis­per­ing to me that he loves me real­ly melts my heart. I mean, who doesn’t?

I like a good hug, but a good hug can turn into a tragedy if you whis­per the wrong things. Like, “baby, I think I want to fuck you tonight.”


My rela­tion­ship with my boyfriend is get­ting stronger and stronger. I don’t know about you but we are mak­ing love every now and then. He is hav­ing his SPM now so we sel­dom meet up, but there are once that he was free and he sneaked out from that pile of books and came over to my place for a hot nice and love­ly session.

I like hug­ging him, more than shov­ing my cock into him. I mean, it is not wrong to shove a cock into your boyfriend, but you just have to do it cor­rect­ly and nice­ly. He is after all your lover, and not just some­one with an ass­hole for you to fuck and cum.

I agree, I fuck a lot some­times. Just that night itself, we had made love twice in a row. Then there was the morn­ing where we had sex before I send him back. It was fun, we loved it; most impor­tant­ly he loves it. I mean, what’s wrong with sex any­ways? Why peo­ple thinks that it is dirty and filthy? It’s good mak­ing love, espe­cial­ly if it was some­one you all so love so much!

I can say I am tru­ely in love, for a nice and artic­u­late guy like him, I think he is spe­cial, he makes me think that he is spe­cial, he makes me feel that he is spe­cial, he is after­all, special!


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