A Boy in Church

It hap­pened dur­ing this valen­tine cel­e­bra­tion that my church have.

There were a few teenagers help­ing out, some cute boys. I can­not real­ly remem­ber this boys name but he was not the one that I was targeting.

Lets call them Philip and Matthew.

Philip and Matthew are in the same group. They are real­ly good friends and they often hangs out togeth­er. They also attend the youth cell togeth­er and seems like best pal from an out­siders point of view. Our church have 2 ses­sions and I usu­al­ly attend the sec­ond one as it would be lat­er in the morn­ing and after that I can join the oth­er activity.

Philip is the cute one, while Matthew looks okay.

It was this day when the church is hav­ing some valen­tine cel­e­brat­ing thing. It hap­pens every 2 years I think. To bring cou­ples togeth­er, and new cou­ples to say the vows. We were there to pre­pare the event for the big day.

Matthew and Philip was there the day before the event, I was there help­ing to set up as well since I am quite known as a good helper. It was a few hours before the event start­ing that I want­ed to go back home and change and have a rest. I want­ed to bring Philip home and I offered him and also asked Matthew to tag along so sort of encour­ag­ing Philip to join in.

It did not work as what I want­ed it to be, how­ev­er I man­aged to get Matthew to join along.

It was about 3 some­thing I remem­ber when we left the hotel. The par­ty is start­ing at 7. We took a bus back to my house which is a 10 minute bus ride. My mind is run­ning with my wildest imag­i­na­tion on what we would be doing when we reached my house. Reached home and found out that my par­ents are not at home. I went and took a show­er. I wore only my briefs try­ing to cre­ate some open­ness with Matthew. It seems to work. I noticed him peep­ing a little.

I asked him to take a nap first which I check my things on the PC, which in fact, I want­ed him to get on bed so I can get things start­ed. Check­ing my mails was just an excuse.

He com­plied. He lie down back fac­ing me, I lied down togeth­er with him on the same bed. I turned over and gave him a hug, he did­nt budge.

I felt much excit­ed; I put my hands down towards his pants. He is wear­ing this real loose jean pants that my hand just had enough space to go down even more.

I touch his penis, it was hard. He did not say any­thing, so I just con­tin­ue hold­ing his hard penis. I put my hands inside his under­wear and this time he moved a bit, but not too much until my hand slipped off.

I took out his pants, he is clos­ing his eyes. Maybe he was scared? I dont know. I turn him fac­ing upwards and I con­tin­ue tak­ing off his pants, then the under­wear. It smelt a lit­tle but that did not real­ly both­ered me. I played with his penis a lit­tle, and I bend down lick­ing it, and putting the whole thing inside my mouth. I licked his balls and he squirm a lit­tle, per­haps it was too much for him. I lift­ed his legs up so that I can reach his nice hole. I licked it a little.

He seems to be enjoy­ing it. I too want­ed more from him. I took out my eros and I smear a lit­tle on his small peck­er. Care­ful­ly align­ing my hole to his throb­bing mem­ber, I slow­ly sit on it. He was­nt that big but it was painful at first. I had to stop for a while before tak­ing the whole thing in. It was good.

I was­nt sure how much would he let me go. I turned him around, smear­ing some eros on myself and I aim it at his hole. I am not sure if its because I can­not seem to find his hole, or was he resist­ing. I con­tin­ue try­ing and final­ly I found the sweet spot and was in. I asked if he was hav­ing pain, he say its okay and I con­tin­ue pump­ing him slowly.

My oth­er hand was over him, play­ing with his throb­bing mem­ber. I played with his fore­skin, and some­times I would stop pump­ing and con­cen­trate on his mem­ber. He would then push back towards me as if he wants to get more of me.

This hap­pens when­ev­er is stop and con­cen­trate on his mem­ber. I turn him around, slow­ly insert­ing myself into him, dog­gy style. He moaned a bit but not too loud, and I pumped till I cum, it was good.

Maybe he did tried that before, when I entered him, it does not feel tight, just the right size I guess. Maybe he real­ly did try it before and that is why he did not mind me doing him? I dont know but I miss him and maybe we can try that again.

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