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It was hard, but I could not under­stand the sever­i­ty of the sit­u­a­tion; not until it hit me again recently.

It was basi­cal­ly a plan for us to meet up, a friend of mine from Face­book whom I was very fond of. I am not sure how to explain in this sit­u­a­tion giv­en that sit­u­a­tion is faced by any­one else.

Heck, I could not have imag­ined the sit­u­a­tion myself.

It was a Mon­day morn­ing, boy came over to my place. He drove.

Strug­gling between his part time job at this appar­el store, assign­ments with his col­lege and oth­er friends, he promised to come over for sex. Not because he was horny, but rather because he was so into some­thing that I could offer, he is will­ing to exchange it with lust.

Not too tall, just as how I would imag­ined him to be. I stroked his hair, kiss­ing him on the fore­head, sniff­ing his fresh­ly sham­pooed hair. I whis­pered to his ears, “are you ready?”

Boy nod­ded.

From his eyes, I could see what he is far away from ready; he was ner­vous. Not only that, he also told me that this would be his sec­ond encounter.

I met the boy over Twit­ter, that new micro-blog­ging thing that is going on right now. Our con­ver­sa­tion were held main­ly in pri­vate as he was a very clos­et­ed boy him­self. We had agreed on meet­ing up as soon as I am back in Kuala Lumpur.

It was still ear­ly in the morn­ing when the plane entered Kuala Lumpur’s air­space. The city greet­ed the sun­rise with it’s unwel­com­ing face. Grey sky cov­ered with smog; tall and short build­ings from old to mod­ern look; and roads flood­ed with all kinds of vehi­cles and pedes­tri­ans. Arriv­ing at the arrival hall, there were peo­ple every­where. All pas­sen­gers impa­tient­ly raced to get off the long 16-hour flight. I got into the wait­ing car out­side of the arrival hall.

As the dri­ver speeds through the morn­ing rush hour traf­fic, I sent out a tweet to my Twit­ter friend that I was sup­posed to meet up that morn­ing. I arrived back home 30 min­utes later.

Take off your shirt, lets get com­fort­able.” I said to him while look­ing through his eyes. He turned to his back shy­ly exchang­ing glances while he was at it. I low­ered down the tem­pre­ture of the air-con as I want it to be slight­ly over the com­fort­able chill. Exchang­ing body heat would then seem to be a fan­tas­tic idea. I gave the boy a peck on his cheek, and guid­ed him over to my bed.

Lying down half naked, I rub his already erect­ed nip­ples. He gave out a soft moan. Con­tin­ue with kiss­es on his soft lips, and touch­ing his his smooth body I slipped my hand into his underwear.

He pushed me to the oth­er side of the bed, climb­ing on top of me tak­ing my shirt off. Then my pants.

He start­ed lick­ing my ears down to my neck, work­ing his way slow­ly towards my nipple.

His crotch was against mine, and mine against his rub­bing each oth­er. His hand slow­ly move down, while his lips were still locked on mine.


The alarm rang, and I woke up.

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