That New Year fuck

Christ­mas Eve. They say that is the fes­tive sea­son to break a vir­gin. I did, how­ev­er, just spend­ing time watch­ing House. That series that I have been want­i­ng to watch. At the same time, I got myself a Blu-ray box set of The X‑Files.

I guess Chris­mas Eve for me was spent being alone. Just me and my series. I was­n’t feel­ing too hap­py. Work has been great, but I was get­ting a huge pay cut to join this com­pa­ny. Times are bad, that’s why.

So, back to Christ­mas Eve. Nothing. 

No sex, no inter­ac­tion, noth­ing. Just me and my penis, stroking it, slowly.

I, how­ev­er, got myself a bot­tle of ‘Spunk’, this so-called cum look­ing lubri­cat­ing lotion that pos­si­bly could also be used for coitus activ­i­ty. Then, I remem­bered, I got no one to fuck.

So, Christ­mas Eve, again.

Okay, enough about Chris­mas Eve.

New Year Eve. Met with this pre­ten­tious arse that claimed he is from Japan but could not speak a sin­gle Japan­ese word. From the looks, he looked like a Vietnamese.

Asked if he was a mon­ey boy, he said no. You see, these for­eign­ers come over to Malaysia, to make some mon­ey, being mas­sage boys, sug­ar boys, mon­ey boys or what­ev­er they could sell to get some money.

No, he is not a mon­ey boy, so he claimed.

Went over to pick him up. It was just right that the time strike at 12. Ush­er­ing 2017 in my car, with this for­eign boy, speak­ing obvi­ous­ly in Viet­namese, who claimed to be a Japanese.

Went into my room. Took off my pants and he bends over to suck it.

I hate it real­ly much when some­one hold­ing my dick and stroking it and suck­ing it at the same time. I mean, if I want to use the hand, I would just use my own hand and spare myself from that time of pick­ing you up, guid­ing you on how I liked to be sucked or hav­ing to clean up all that exces­sive saliva.

I mean, it’s a fuck­ing blowjob, you are sup­posed to suck with your mouth!

So he sucked, this time I laid down on my bed, lit­er­al­ly giv­ing me heads. I can see his head bob­bing up and down, up and down.

Slow down, boy. Where are you rush­ing to? Try­ing to make me cum? You are doing a piss poor job.

I moved his hands off. Again he pulls it back, drag­ging my fore­skin along with his stroke. I almost want­ed to slap him.

Blop blop blop he con­tin­ued to suck.

Hey, where are you rush­ing to? This thing that you are doing is not going to give me any pleasures!

I stopped him from his bad blowjob.

I passed him a con­dom, sig­nal­ing him to put it on me. How hard is that? No, I had to wear it myself.

I put him up, so he would be able to sit on me. I passed him a bot­tle of ‘Plur back­door’ lube, the one that I pur­chased togeth­er with ‘Spunk’ First time using, and I had a good expe­ri­ence with sil­i­con-based lubri­cants espe­cial­ly for fuck­ing; it lubri­cates just enough to fuck, and yet does­n’t feel wet or mushy, that kin­da feel­ing I pre­fer on my clean cut dick, the fuck with­out the ‘splat splat splat’ sound.

It did not go well, he went on moan­ing like nobody busi­ness as though as my dick was the biggest that he had ever rid­den on. It was harsh, it was painful for me, not because there was not enough lubri­ca­tion but rather his move­ments and his bare butt cheeks are enough to hit my pelvic bone. Instead of enjoy­ing the ses­sion with this pre­ten­tious arse, I was actu­al­ly on the verge of call­ing it a day. I gave it anoth­er try, besides he’s quite the cute type, and the thought of putting my dick inside him just excites me more than any­thing else, at that moment of time.

I turned him, want­ed dog­gy style. Instead, he moans even loud­er this time and slow­ly low­er down his body and I was lay­ing down on his back with my dick inside him instead. He kept squirm­ing and mov­ing, mak­ing each of my thrust missed its tar­get. I tried hard­er, still the same.

I took it out, took off the con­dom and got him dressed. He thought I had cummed, and kept ask­ing me if he was nice to fuck. I just kept quiet.

When I final­ly sent him back to where I picked him up from, he sud­den­ly demand­ed that I pay him. He then came up with the excuse that he need­ed the mon­ey for hotel and what not total­ly con­tra­dicts his ear­li­er sto­ries that he is work­ing as a beau­ty ther­a­pist and stay­ing at his own place.

Well, I guessed I should have known since the begin­ning when he lied about being Japan­ese when he is, in fact, a Vietnamese.

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