Telephone boy

A very unor­ga­nized post as I write straight from my thoughts. It hap­pens, and will always happen.

It was one of those nights that I was crav­ing to get some­one to top me. Boy friend is a bot­tom, so get­ting that accom­plished would be a rather hard thing to do.

So I turned to Face­book, man­aged to get a few poten­tials and a few phone num­bers. As I was hav­ing din­ner with boy friend, one of the ran­dom num­bers replied to my plea for sex.

He was near­by the place where me and boy friend had decid­ed for din­ner. He was just after work, and gave me some direc­tions to his place. I had not had my GPS unit that day, but it was­n’t that hard to look for it. The boy was very well in giv­ing direc­tions, and that was quite a turn on for me.

The sto­ry start­ed when he added me on Face­book 3 days ago. It was just a casu­al con­ver­sa­tion that turned out to be some­thing steamy. We exchanged phone num­bers, and con­tin­ue our con­ver­sa­tion via text messaging.

It was that time when I just got my sup­ply of Pop­pers that this boy text me and asked if I would want to meet up.

You see, after that Pop­per inci­dent, I was sort of hooked to the plea­sure that such sex drugs could give me. I know I was­n’t addict­ed because I could just let it go if I want to.

So it was a three per­son thing. There is my boy friend, and there is this boy who was eager to meet up, in fact, so eager that I was a lit­tle reluc­tant. Of course, the boy friend do not know I was meet­ing up with some­one else. It would be hell break loose if he knew.

So after send­ing the boy friend back, I hur­ried myself to the near­by petrol sta­tion to clean myself up. As the meet­ing place was just near­by, it was not prac­ti­cal enough to get back home, and come back out again.

The boy sent me an intim­i­dat­ing mes­sage “If you could find my place, we will play. Else, just for­get about it.”

Hav­ing a GPS like sense of direc­tion like mine, it was­n’t too hard to look for his place. I got there with­out 15 min­utes, and wait­ed for him in the car.

He hopped in, look­ing at him in the car, he look very decent, and total­ly my type. I looked at him for a bit, admir­ing his boy­ish looks just before he caught my glimpse. The pic­ture of him­self on Face­book does not give him enough cred­it. He had looked much more bet­ter in per­son than in pic­ture, the first thought that ran into my mind. Per­haps I had acci­den­tal­ly think­ing out loud, I actu­al­ly said “Wow, such an adorable boy,” before you looked at me in a weird way, before smil­ing away.

My plan was to bring him to this seclud­ed place that I know that I used to bring oth­er boys over. It was almost about a year or so I had not been to that place. I was­n’t still sure that if my pass card would have worked.

On the way, we exchange small talks. He was shy and would not talk that much. I was just dri­ving along the road, and try­ing to imag­ine the things that we are going to do, sort of like a men­tal prepa­ra­tion for myself.

I could not have imag­ined that I took this long to draft out a post, this post was cre­at­ed on the 13th of April, and look at the pub­lish date

As we arrived at the des­ti­na­tion, I start­ed touch­ing him, and he has already got a hard on build up inside his pants. With­out hes­i­ta­tion, I took his pants off and took his whole boy meat into my mouth. I did ear­li­er asked him to send me a pic­ture of his boy mean on MMS, that time, it was­n’t as entic­ing as what I was tast­ing on.

I think he was enjoy­ing it. With the moan, and the body ges­tures. He asked me if I want­ed him to suck me off, I decline, say­ing that cute boys like him should be served.

The dogs in the neigh­bor­hood was bark­ing furi­ous­ly. Afraid of the con­se­quences, we dressed up and tries to think of an alter­na­tive to fin­ish off our lust. With the effect of the Pop­pers still in effect, we drove by to the near­est Mc Don­alds’ and try to rea­son our­self with alter­na­tive options.

I went in and got myself a cup of orange juice, and the boy a cup of soft drink.

While at the counter, it popped in my head.

Hey, want to try some­thing more fun?”

The boy took the pill off my hand and swal­lowed it togeth­er with a few gulp of the soft drink that I got him. After a while, he was get­ting horny; as per advertised.

We dropped by to my place, since it was late at night, sneak­ing the boy in was not a problem.

The start­ed the whole thing again. This time, the boy was com­fort­ably lying down on my bed, while I com­fort­ably strip down myself, and start work­ing on that boy meat of his.

I have to cut the sto­ry short before pro­cras­ti­na­tion strikes again, but you all know how it goes

It was a fun 3 hours trip. More fun for him because his trip could have last longer. It was because that he need­ed to get up ear­ly for work, that he had to go. I grin at him sil­ly look­ing at him walk­ing around my room with his bon­er, still want­i­ng for more action.

It was a fun night, and as exhaust­ing as shag­ging with 10 per­son. Well, as advertised.

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8 Responses to Telephone boy

  1. Kenenth July 2, 2010 at 12:46 am #

    This part is so fun­ny “the boy was very well in giv­ing direc­tions, and that was quite a turn on for me.” Niceeeeeeeeee (Y)

    nice elab­o­ra­tions on the guy and your­self 🙂 Was lit­er­al­ly read­ing your posts on the internet .

  2. Kenenth July 2, 2010 at 12:47 am #

    dur­ing class to be exact (Y)

    • Cedric Ang July 2, 2010 at 3:42 am #


      Read­ing my blog dur­ing class is not high­ly rec­om­mend­ed. There are peo­ple who pre­fer to lie down on the bed naked while read­ing, I sup­posed that’s the best way to digest <3

      • khai July 5, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

        woah, on the bed…lolz

        • Cedric Ang July 15, 2010 at 5:05 pm #


          Some still pre­fer to be sit­ting on the Ikea chair.

  3. daniel July 8, 2010 at 4:16 pm #

    hey how may i con­tact you? thru email?

  4. john chen hui long August 25, 2010 at 4:31 pm #

    nice post. a real turn on!

  5. E September 4, 2010 at 10:44 pm #

    Gosh! This post is extra inter­est­ing. I mere­ly chanced on your tweets as it was retweet­ed by some­one. And I can’t stop read­ing your post, it’s so damn sleazy (awe­some­ness!). I won­der who the boy is and how u look like, got me all excit­ed and want­i­ng for more post like this!!! Damn!

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