My Assistant, Seth

Always that hec­tic time of the year when I have to per­form that fil­ial tasks.

Not that I am always complaining.

Seth, my new assis­tant joined me back about a month back, doing his intern­ship with the com­pa­ny. While I had some dis­agree­ment with dad about the arrange­ment, I had no choice but to take Seth. What else could go wrong, right?

As I was about to find out how wrong it was.

It was one of those days where I had to sit through meet­ings over meet­ings. My body clock still had not got­ten used to the time dif­fer­ence but every time when it does, I am fly­ing off to anoth­er time­zone again.

Seth was kind enough to arrange all my meet­ings in the morn­ings, leav­ing the sec­ond half of the day free for me. It is this time that me and Seth would take some light lunch and then head back to our hotel rooms and rest. We total­ly skipped din­ner because that time we would be asleep.

Seth is 22, clean cut Chi­nese born in New York. He respond­ed to an adver­tise­ment that was in the local news­pa­per. Dad was in town when that hap­pened, and Seth was hired out of the hun­dred that replied.

I met Seth of the sec­ond day of his intern­ship in the com­pa­ny. Since I was get­ting a new com­put­er, I hand­ed Seth my Mac­book Air. I real­ized after that it was a big mis­take, since my browser’s his­to­ry which reveals my surf­ing habits are all there.

On the 3rd day when I got in to office, Seth sent in a cup of cof­fee. Con­fer­ence calls, meet­ings, and more con­fer­ence calls.

It was that time when I was hav­ing lunch with Seth in KL, a month of after we work togeth­er, numer­ous nights of paper­work, blue prints and sorts and the first time I noticed Seth have a pair of nice blue eyes.

In that dim­ly lit restau­rant, I was talk­ing about work, and at that moment, I real­ized he’s got the bright­est blue eyes that I have ever seen.

My was stuck for words for that moment. That moment that seems like hours.

He then asked me, “Do you have a boy friend?”

Had he known all these while? Is Seth gay? I had nev­er had that thought, not before real­iz­ing that Seth is such a beau­ti­ful person.

Has he been send­ing me sig­nals all that while? That time when we were tak­ing that group pic­ture with the sis­ter com­pa­ny in Sin­ga­pore, did­n’t I felt his hand was a lit­tle too low on my waist?

That time when we were cross­ing the road, did­n’t he hold my hand?

I had had nev­er thought about that.

It was mid­night, on my sec­ond bot­tle of wine digest­ing the papers for tomor­row’s gen­er­al meeting.

The door bell rang. It was room ser­vice send­ing me a bot­tle of wine and a steak. I sliced the juicy steak while still study­ing the num­bers on the papers. We made quite a progress this year, that’s all I can tell.

The door bell rang again. It was Seth.

Both our body clock have not adjust­ed to the local time­zone. We are awake when every­one else’s in bed.

I fin­ish up the remain­ing piece of meat, and stud­ied the papers togeth­er with Seth. It was almost 5 in the morn­ing and I went to the show­er before a short nap and then back to the office.

When I was out from the show­er, Seth had made him­self com­fort­able on my bed. The TV is play­ing reruns on HBO. I climbed to bed next to Seth.

I still can’t fall asleep. I turned over look­ing at Seth, now fast asleep, slow­ly pick­ing out his facial fea­tures. Sharp nose, very well defined jaw and cheekbones.

Slow­ly .. I fell asleep …

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