Meeting someone new

I hate it that some­times when I feel like blog­ging, and when I switch on my Mac­book Pro and open up my blog site, that whole ‘I want to blog’ feel­ing just went away.

If you remem­ber the last time I talked about The Boy was when I sent him a birth­day mes­sage that even­tu­al­ly unde­liv­ered. Just a few weeks back, I saw him work­ing in a bou­tique down town. I was not sure how should I be respond­ing to such emo­tion, that I was try­ing real­ly hard to avoid a face to face encounter. Par­tial­ly it was because our break-up was not a pleas­ant one.

I met up with a friend that I got to know from Face­book. It took more than the usu­al hi-bye and the longer than usu­al nigh chats. He was in an area so seclud­ed that he insist that I should have a GPS unit in order to find him. Even­tu­al­ly with my good sense of direc­tion, I man­aged to get to his place.

In the car, it was that eerie silent. I don’t remem­ber hav­ing some­thing that I met for the first time that I could strike up a con­ver­sa­tion with. Except for Frankie when I met up with him at his place at some seclud­ed kam­pung after Ipoh.

The silent was killing me, I was hop­ing that 30 minute jour­ney back to my place would end fast.

30 min­utes lat­er, I gave him a light kiss on his cheek. Direct­ing him to get com­fort­able on the bed. We hugged and kissed, I took off his pants and gave his 6 inch­er some good work.

It was his first time, being a pas­sive it was also his first time get­ting a blow job, which I found out later.

He’s got a nice and firm bot­tom, a very smooth skin. It was also his first time get­ting pen­e­trat­ed and we took our time try­ing to get him com­fort­able. I man­aged to get into his tight open­ing, but he was get­ting a lit­tle uncom­fort­able. Instead, I turned him around, and let his hard mem­ber rub on my hole.

He was­n’t that big, get­ting in was a tab eas­i­er and he did not feel much. I guess I was too loose *grin*

He fucked me, changed two posi­tion cause he did­n’t like the first way of putting his dick inside me. He shot his cum inside me.

So now you know why the top usu­al­ly don’t help the bot­tom to get off after they fin­ish, this is why.”

Sheep­ish­ly, he hugged me and licked my nip­ple while giv­ing it a good nibble.

Our con­ver­sa­tion end­ed that way, back in Face­book. It con­tin­ue for a day, and then just died. Is it me or peo­ple just does­n’t talk to me any­more after sex?

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  1. shane July 17, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    I’m won­der­ing the same thing,why do ppl don’t talk to me after jz makes me feels like a slut

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