John Will Do

Rain & Dawn — Parisan, Macao.

It was one of those busi­ness trips nights, swip­ing and brows­ing loca­tion-based hook-up apps, hop­ing to score some action, on a bor­ing mid- week­night.


It was that famil­iar sound of a pop­u­lar loca­tion-based hookup app. It indi­cates a new mes­sage received, though many times, are bor­ing unre­lat­ed, “where you from” that kind of mes­sages. This time, it was dif­fer­ent.


It was a pro­file with the name John. Writes there 25, with the height of 170, and body weight of 55. It did not dis­play any of his looks, just a tor­so pic­ture.

*attached pho­to*”
“What you look­ing for?”

It turns out that John had an unsat­is­fac­to­ry fuck ses­sion and was look­ing for some­one to ‘fin­ish’ him up. The whole ‘hook­ing-up’ con­ver­sa­tion took less than 10 min­utes.

Hey, I am here, but I can’t find your room.”

I told John to use the side­ways to avoid hav­ing to pass thru the recep­tion­ist. I some­how thought it felt weird when the recep­tion­ist knows who your guests are.

John was this slen­der look­ing boy. Typ­i­cal Chi­nese boy look, fair and smooth skin com­plex­ion and a dull look­ing hair­style. John star­tled a lit­tle when he first saw me. Per­haps it was because I was still in my clothes that I was wear­ing since morn­ing.

Did you bring the pop­pers?”

John took out a small brown bot­tle and flick it to the bed before mov­ing toward the toi­let. Ever since try­ing pop­pers (Amyl Nitrate), always had pre­ferred to have one of those on stand­by.

I was lay­ing down on the bed, almost falling asleep, before John climbs over the bed.

He took off my belt, then undid my pants and pulled down my under­wear.

He put my still flac­cid dick into his mouth. The warm and moist feel­ing strike right into me, send­ing pulse of erot­ic sig­nals and trig­gers to the brain. It did not too long before my dick was all stand­ing erect­ed.

He climbed up to me, align­ing my dick to his anus, slow­ly low­er­ing him­self, push­ing my dick into him. It slid right in, it was­n’t too tight, not that loose, but it did felt a lit­tle ‘used’. After­all, he did men­tion that he did not get enough of it, from a pre­vi­ous hook up.

It was a pret­ty casu­al fuck, pick­ing up the hump­ing pace once a while. I tried sev­er­al posi­tions with him and set­tled with dog­gy style after that. It was get­ting late, John did men­tion he has an ear­ly morn­ing tomor­row.

So, enough for tonight?”

John let out a few soft moans. I unloaded inside him.

So, wan­na keep in touch?” I asked.
“Sure, call me when­ev­er you are in town.”
“What should I save your name as?”
“John, will do.”
“Okay, John Will Do.”

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