Andrew, Part 1

It start­ed with a one night stand; he mes­saged me and asked if he could come over for the night as his land­lord had to pull back his room last minute.

It was the ulti­mate fan­ta­sy that I have. A sleep over, and then I put my dick into him when he is asleep.

It hap­pened that night. We were rolling on the bed, then he felt asleep.  He was naked, with his bub­ble butt exposed to the chill air in the room. 

Ear­li­er, he had told me that he is horny and he wants to see how my man­hood looks like. I told him I was­n’t pre­pared to let any­one look at it if I am not going to put it into some­one; it was­n’t a zoo. He force­ful­ly took off my pants, and put that flac­cid thing into his mouth. Almost imme­di­ate­ly, that mon­ster sprang into live, enjoy­ing that warm and wet mouth of his.

He was pret­ty good of a suck­er, I must say. With his tongue swirling on the mush­room head, it was orgasm by itself.

It was almost 5 in the morn­ing. I could not sleep, still work­ing on the pro­pos­al that I am sup­posed to send over to a poten­tial client.

I look over towards the bed, his butt cheeks were exposed.

I put my Mac­book Pro to sleep, stack the papers and kept my sta­tioner­ies and climb into bed. Andrew star­tled a lit­tle but it was all good.


I lie on top of him, aim­ing right in between the butt crack.

Andrew let out a grunt. He woke up after that, grumpy but gave that per­mis­sion for me to con­tin­ue my intru­sions. It took me a while to get the full length in.

So you like fuck­ing dead fish, ya?” Andrew commented.

It was­n’t just that. Per­haps it was the habit, but sex to me was nev­er any­thing more than the feel­ing of shoot­ing the wet cum all over. Even more true with it is inside some­one, where clean­ing will not be a chore after.

I shot my load inside Andrew. Lie down on him and we both felt sleep. I still can feel his throb­bing hole slow­ly forc­ing my dick out of his hole.


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