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Every­thing goes

Happy Birthday

There again I was con­tem­plat­ing if I should call The Boy or at least sent him a short mes­sage.

I could not get myself to do it. The last time I tried, I got a “Any­thing? I am busy” reply from him and that feel­ing total­ly sucks.

I was at Han­nah Tan’s con­cert at The Gar­den’s ball­room. Alone.

I brought a gift, a gift that I thought would make some boy hap­py. I reg­is­tered myself, and pass the staff my gift and pro­ceed to the ball­room where Han­nah Tan was going to sing.

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Miss Marigold Body Beautiful

Miss Marigold Body Beau­ti­ful, sub­sidary title of Miss Tourism Inter­na­tion­al 2009 World.

Nuff­nang being one of the sil­ver spon­sors con­tact­ed me to join the event. Maybe because Robb thinks that I’m cute and I can take good pic­tures, but that is only him to know.

One of the road­shows that I was invit­ed to was held at Sun­way Pyra­mid Con­course area where 45 con­tes­tants. The whole event was spon­sored by Marigold HL milk.

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DiGi’s Yellow Army Graduation Party

The habit of not blog­ging is real­ly tak­ing a toll from my blog­ging rou­tine.

In the norm, when I sit down in front of the com­put­er, be it my Mac­Book Pro or my MacPro, I am able to write some­thing out. Things are way dif­fer­ent now, per­haps I am get­ting very used to keep­ing things in my mind, rather than blurt­ed it out.

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