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The gay casanova

I am sure we all heard, about that homo­sex­u­al guy rap­ing and rob­bing from fel­low gay peo­ple.

I got to admit, I am dis­gust­ed by his acts. Not only you are rob­bing them off their vir­gin­i­ty and prop­er­ties, you have also put in a scar that will scar them for life, STD.

I had a lot of thoughts on this, but I do not know how to put it into words. Con­tin­ue Read­ing →

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The girl in the freak accident

While watch­ing the Inter­net race itself past me, I could not help but to notice a tor­rent of cries and spurs about BHPetrol back home.

It was first a glimpse of a freak acci­dent. It then turned out to be some­thing inhu­mane, if you will. The sto­ry of two petrol kiosk atten­dant refus­ing to loan a fire extin­guish­er that could have save a young lady’s life.

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Happy Birthday

There again I was con­tem­plat­ing if I should call The Boy or at least sent him a short mes­sage.

I could not get myself to do it. The last time I tried, I got a “Any­thing? I am busy” reply from him and that feel­ing total­ly sucks.

I was at Han­nah Tan’s con­cert at The Gar­den’s ball­room. Alone.

I brought a gift, a gift that I thought would make some boy hap­py. I reg­is­tered myself, and pass the staff my gift and pro­ceed to the ball­room where Han­nah Tan was going to sing.

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