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Every­thing goes

The failed threesome

A care­ful plan was draft­ed out with Har­ry. The plan was to get David to Har­ry’s house, and then we try to seduce him with kiss­es, and hugs and see if we could get David aroused.

It worked up pret­ty okay at first. I went over to Har­ry’s place to pick his sleepy ass up, then went over to David’s to pick him up. We want­ed to head over to my place because it was a lit­tle too ear­ly to do the shop­ping that Har­ry want­ed to do. Con­tin­ue Reading →

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The boy that broke my heart

Cedric, you ex boy friend looks like my friend. He is my junior and he looked exact­ly like him”

That was what he told me when I first showed him the boy’s pic­ture over the Inter­net. I had slow­ly got­ten over the whole break-up thing, but I was­n’t still sure that I have put the boy aside, and con­tin­ue with what is going on what is in front of me.

I sup­posed I can­not for­get the fact that I can eas­i­ly fall in love, even back in my heart, I still think about the boy, all the time.

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Of being anal

Of late, I feel like the whole world had owed me something.

Per­haps I am still think­ing of the boy, per­haps I am still not too sure what am I up to, or per­haps, I am just ner­vous into get­ting into some­thing new.

Anal Lube Some­times maybe one need some form of lubri­ca­tion to smoothen things out. Just like the Anal Lube that I have got to play with sometimes.

I know, I have been get­ting annoyed on triv­ial things. Per­haps it was also this that had put the prob­lems into our head when I was with the boy.

Nonethe­less, I always hope that I am more patient when it comes to some­one as dear­ly as the boy, how­ev­er late it is now, I still wish that some day, we could be togeth­er again.

So back to Anal Lube. Seri­ous­ly, noth­ing. Just some soft of filler post for my almost vacant blog.

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World Of Warcraft — Hiatus.

At first, I thought of just putting in a note here on the blog say­ing that I will not be avail­able for the next cou­ple of days. Then it strike me that it would not be so nice to just leave peo­ple wan­der­ing what is going on.

A few days ago, I made a wager with some­one. The bet was that I lev­el up from lev­el 1, to lev­el 60, in 10 days. In return, I get a ful­ly upgrad­ed account, and a in game Epic Mount. I will also be get­ting a free account upgrade, from the Clas­sic edi­tion, to Burn­ing Cru­sade, and then to Wrath of the Lich King, both expan­sions for World of Warcraft.

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