The girl in the freak accident

While watch­ing the Inter­net race itself past me, I could not help but to notice a tor­rent of cries and spurs about BHPetrol back home.

It was first a glimpse of a freak acci­dent. It then turned out to be some­thing inhu­mane, if you will. The sto­ry of two petrol kiosk atten­dant refus­ing to loan a fire extin­guish­er that could have save a young lady’s life.

What’s more than a PR night­mare for BHPetrol. Not only that they have to com­pete with the more pop­u­lar local brands, now peo­ple are boy­cotting them because of their refusal, or should I say, the inca­pac­i­ty of their staffs to actu­al­ly have some com­mon sense.

Of course, the big com­pa­ny is try­ing to pro­tect their staffs too, cit­ing that the staff in ques­tion has been hit by a recent rob­bery, and that they are just hav­ing a pre­cau­tion by not allow­ing the staff to leave the counter.

I can see the dilem­ma here.

We know most Malaysians are not the trust­ful bunch. We are bunch of actors, we tend to act a lot to get the job done. I would not had opened the door if it was me at the sta­tion giv­en the sit­u­a­tion of being robbed, and under such cir­cum­stances. How­ev­er, being on the law and com­mon sense, would it not be in any human sense that at least a fire extin­guish­er is avail­able on the out­side, by the pumps?

Of course, the offi­cials from BHPetrol refuse to com­ment or drag­ging it until next week while the PR offi­cers read it from a well pre­pared script.

Or would the gen­er­al Malaysians just for­get about it, just like how we for­got about most issues that hit the headlines?

If you have missed the head­lines, it’s on Berna­ma.

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  1. skyhawk June 4, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    What a sad sto­ry. A typ­i­cal Malaysian cul­ture. Maybe v should boy­cott BHP also. They should edu­cate their staff. Fire extin­guish­er is to save life, not to place in ur store for the author­i­ty to do “check-up” every year!

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