The gay casanova

I am sure we all heard, about that homo­sex­u­al guy rap­ing and rob­bing from fel­low gay people.

I got to admit, I am dis­gust­ed by his acts. Not only you are rob­bing them off their vir­gin­i­ty and prop­er­ties, you have also put in a scar that will scar them for life, STD.

I had a lot of thoughts on this, but I do not know how to put it into words.

I guess many peo­ple had read or heard about the ‘mis­re­port­ed’ news. Not that I am on that guy’s side, but rather there was no prove of any sort that he is in fact a HIV car­ri­er. Fur­ther, the HIV ‘fac­tu­al’ actu­al­ly came from Kor, one of the vic­tims who had received a call from the guy that said he was infect­ed. Kor ear­li­er told me that he had went for a check up, and the result was negative.

The 17 year old how­ev­er, was unfor­tu­nate to have syphilis. How­ev­er, syphilis is a high­ly con­ta­gious dis­ease spread via it’s spore. It was not clear where did the 17 y/o got the syphilis but let’s assume it was on his anus.

The so called oth­er vic­tims were lured into hotel rooms, and read­ing of oth­er sto­ries, the modus operan­di is almost the same. What has the world been up to? Are these teenages that eas­i­ly manip­u­lat­ed that they would eas­i­ly just fol­low a known male homo­sex­u­al into hotel rooms and expect noth­ing to happen ?

I beg to dif­fer. There must be some form of con­sent going on there, but of course, we all know that in Malaysia, admit­ting to sub­mis­sion to homo­sex­u­al activ­i­ties is like mak­ing reser­va­tion to prison.

I am will­ing to help. I have man­aged to iden­ti­fy a hand­ful of vic­tims, from Penang, to Johor.  Most of these vic­tims are not flu­ent with Eng­lish, and some don’t even both­er try­ing to read a con­ver­sa­tion that is start­ed with Eng­lish. I can help, and I have a game plan, but I need peo­ple who are will­ing to con­tribute their time to help me out.

Pink Tri­an­gle, now is your time to shine.

For those who are lost, here is the news from The Star.

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