Playing Pranks

It was first of April and I could have known bet­ter; I got pranked.

Seth hand­ed me the finan­cial report. I almost crapped myself out when I looked at the expen­di­ture and I was 250% over the bud­get. That said expen­di­ture was allo­cat­ed as my per­son­al expenses.

Seth does not han­dle the finan­cial records, but as my per­son­al assis­tant, he does hand me in the reports from the finance depart­ment. Calls to the finance depart­ment went unan­swered and dad called me on the phone to asked about it. Dad does­n’t usu­al­ly look at the com­pa­ny finances report, lest that he called all the way from Singapore.

Break­fast was a tor­ture. Seth packed some apple muffins from the local bak­ery. I thought it was weird because it looked a lit­tle bit dif­fer­ent and I did not give a sec­ond thought about it. When I bite into it, it was laced with wasabi in its insides. Vapors of the wasabi went into the nasal, and every­thing else was down­hill. All I could think of was to down that cof­fee that Seth had brought for me.

Bad idea.

The cof­fee was laced with salt. A HUGE amount of salt. No won­der it was­n’t hot, as it would have crys­tal­ized on the sides and I would have noticed it.

I had my fair share of pranks in Seth as well.

I want­ed to get him a new com­put­er to replace the old that that he has been com­plain­ing about. I got him a new Mac­book Pro but before I gave it to him, I swap the con­tent with the dumb­bells I had in my office. 25kg of it. The look on his face was price­less when he tried to lift the box up from the ground. Good thing the box hold, though.

Then, as when he thought I would not prank him the same prank again, I gave him anoth­er Mac­book Pro box, only this time, it was with an iBook inside. Yes, that bright col­ored clamshell Apple notebook.

If course, I gave him the Mac­book Pro as promised after that.

I decid­ed that I should bring Seth for a nice lunch since I prank him so much. So I got him to make a reser­va­tion at this restau­rant that we both liked. After that, I made anoth­er call to the restau­rant to call in favor.

Lunch was great, we ordered some crabs as I was crav­ing for them for weeks. I hand­ed a big claw to Seth. Splat Mus­tard was all over his shirt, as I had instruct­ed the restau­rant for the favor. Anoth­er gotcha.

Lunch was fun, until Seth received a call from his lec­tur­er in his uni­ver­si­ty that he had failed his papers and got to re-sit them again. Good thing is that we were almost done with our meal, and means that I can have more food for myself.

Of course, Seth did not find out it was anoth­er of my prank until lat­er that day.

Who did you prank today?

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