One can hope

I need to get the hang of this.

Yes. A few months ago, a lot of things had been hap­pen­ing and in the process I have lost con­trol of my blog.

No, it was­n’t hacked, I just for­got to send in the pay­ment, and they delet­ed the blog. Good thing for RSS read­ers, I man­aged to sav­age the posts.

Then the idea if putting myself into Face­book came into my mind. I did not real­ly like the idea, because of the past inci­dent where my pro­file had been faked and dupli­cat­ed all over face­book, and oth­er gay net­work­ing web­site. Then again, to see it in anoth­er way, I guess it was a good thing, I am good look­ing, thats why peo­ple use my pictures.

So now, I am try­ing to get the whole blog­ging thing work­ing again, and hope­ful­ly things will be run­ning more smooth­ly for me.

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