Moon light, for Ad Infinitum


A post ded­i­cat­ed to Ad Infini­tum after his [moonlight]( “Moon­light”) post.

For the past few days, I have been won­der­ing, thoughts and fig­ures.

What have to accom­plished so far?


I want to blog, but I don’t know what to write. Not that I am blank, but I have too many things run­ning in my mind.

I want to pen down a sto­ry, and yet, I get dis­tract­ed by hav­ing some­thing else on mind. How?

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  1. Haiyo… Don’t be so down la!! If inspi­ra­tions come, it’ll come! Look at me! Noth­ing to write also! But hey, know­ing you, I’m sure you can find some­thing to write about soon enough!!

  2. whoa~ you shot that moon pho­to? impres­sive? what’s that white line? plane or star?

    well… it’s usu­al to lost con­cen­tra­tion and all… we all have expe­ri­enced it…

  3. em… you are just haven’t accom­plish any­thing yet! but sure you will accom­plish some­thing in the future~! don’t give up~!

  4. small boi ofcos accom­plish small small things ma. u so noti noth­ing to write meh. pigs can climb trees lor. hehe… i tot u turn­ing to were­wolve from the moon­light pic. gam­bat­eh dude.

  5. haha­ha… i saw a nice bright full moon in penang =p noth­ing to write?? just read more and get some tips from oth­er blogs =p or get inspired by see­ing my pic­tures?? or not??!! lol