If you could read this post, it means that I have moved to anoth­er server.

Yes, no more that bull­shit from Blog­ger, at least this way I can write freely with­out the fear of my blog gets deleted.

Of course, spe­cial thank to my sweet­heart Eugene for mak­ing this pos­si­ble, thank you to my love­ly god broth­er to help me to import my entries and all the oth­er stuffs that I don’t know how to do.

And thank you the read­ers that has been keep­ing the blog by send­ing me regards via email and Face­book ask­ing me what hap­pened to it.

I think that black theme is a bit harsh on the eyes. I had always pre­ferred the white or lighter col­ored back­grounds. I seem to be able to find out where and how to edit, so I am think­ing of edit­ing them to see if I can get the theme to how I want it to be.

I have a lot of sto­ries to tell, sto­ries of when I was in Brazil, in Unit­ed King­dom. Encoun­ters that I had in New York, and in Alas­ka and all the love­ly pic­tures that I have tak­en. For those that were not well informed, I was on a ‘world tour’ since Christ­mas 2008, and been out of the coun­try since then.

Okay, no naughty sto­ry today, since I real­ly real­ly need to get to bed, and head to New Zealand =)

P/S: Hap­py birthday!

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2 Responses to Finally

  1. raeshad February 5, 2009 at 7:01 am #

    hmm…i did­n’t know u host­ed ur blog using in blog­ger before…

    anyhoooo.…..have fun in nz.…say hi to the sheeps for me will ya? xD

    • Cedric Ang February 5, 2009 at 8:17 am #

      I was mov­ing my blog all over the place. The last one was in Blog­ger, and then now I am on anoth­er serv­er thanks to a sweetheart.

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