Another Virgin

At this point, I am just going to write my mind off.

It will be ran­dom as fuck.

Like, exam­ple. I was telling myself, that I should be writ­ing some­thing, you know, like still try­ing to be some famous sex blog­ger or some sort. Then, lazi­ness sets in, and week after week, I have not writ­ten some­thing. How to be a famous blog­ger like that?

So the oth­er day. I want­ed to write about this boy that I met on Grindr. Then I pro­cras­ti­nat­ed, the usual.

So… the oth­er day, I met up with this boy that I have been chat­ting with for a few weeks. He dis­ap­peared for a while, then turn back up again; it was excus­es and ‘not enough sleep’ or ‘tomor­row work­ing’ and the likes.

So… I went over to Genting Pre­mi­um Out­let pick him up. Arrived, post­ed him a pic­ture, he replied ask­ing for my car plate num­ber and before I press enter, a boy hopped in into my car.

Unevent­ful dri­ve back to my place and I showed him one of the videos that I have record­ed, telling him that I was drilling anoth­er vir­gin boy. Sort of like a reas­sur­ance to him that I fuck quite gen­tle despite being harsh on Grindr.

While we were watch­ing, I asked him to suck me. He refused and just sug­gest that I fuck him directly.

I took him to the bed­room after sev­er­al attempts to per­suade him to suck my dick.

Dog­gy style, dick went in for the fuck on the sec­ond attempt of his tight hole. He sort of ‘weak­ened’ and low­ered his body. I con­tin­ue fuck­ing him, he con­tin­ues scream­ing and telling me how bad it hurts. I did­n’t both­er, continued.

Then the com­plain­ing stops, the moan­ing con­tin­ues. Moments lat­er he was in plea­sure, telling me how good it felt, telling me how the painful­ness became a pleasure.

I con­tin­ue drilling him, hav­ing inhaled some pop­pers, I could not help but imag­ine fuck­ing in every fuck posi­tions known to mankind.

He start­ed squirm­ing and flipped around. He want­ed to be to fuck him mis­sion­ary style. I complied.

He was­n’t too used to my length, hav­ing his leg try­ing to lim­it the depth that I was shov­ing my dick into. I shove it in force­ful­ly, and he could­n’t take it, but felt plea­sure at the same time. I con­tin­ued fuck­ing him this way for a few min­utes before spoon­ing him.

At this point, my cock was already slid­ing in and out of him with ease. He has already loos­ened up him­self and allow­ing the full me head­ing towards that G‑Spot of his. He had leaked his pre­cum all over my fresh­ly washed sheets.

I pulled out, rest­ed a lit­tle and con­tin­ue spoon­ing him.

It was a great hole to unload my cum into that night.


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