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When I was a kid

Some­times I have this feel­ing that I do not know how should I han­dle.

When I was young, maybe 10 years old I went to this con­struct­ing apart­ment to play. No one was there, it was a good place to play hide and seek with my friends.

This day, we were there again, play­ing hide and seek. I was hid­ing in the far cor­ner of the base­ment, wait­ing and wait­ing to be caught.

The secu­ri­ty guard came. I was scared because I know I should not be there. Maybe he saw my facial expres­sion, he asked me to calm down. He then sit beside me and he had his hand on my crotch. I’m not mak­ing this up, his blardee hand is on my crotch!

He put his hand into my hands, run­ning my dick head and the skin around it. He played for quite a bit and then he turned me around, and took off my pants, mak­ing me lie down on the rock hard cement, my dick now sore, from rub­bing against the cold hard cement floor of the car park.

He lie on me, with his dick aim­ing for my vir­gin butt hole. He tried push­ing it in, hard­er each time and he would pull it out once a while and spit some sali­va on his hand to rub on his prick. The feel­ing of hav­ing his dick in my ass is now gone, some­times I feel horny about it, some­times anger. I do not remem­ber if I had felt pain when it hap­pened, or was it good? I do not know. I was only 10!

He stood up, and pull me up with him. Ask­ing me to sit beside him. It was over. I put my hand on his penis, it was wet, most like­ly wet from the semen residue from his orgasm since he was get­ting soft, and it was ooz­ing out from his piss hole. I hope he had a good time, because he just took the vir­gin­i­ty of my butt from me 🙁

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Danny Part 2

My self­con­cious pop back to real­i­ty when my mobile rang. My pants is still on me, but the feel­ing of hav­ing Dan­ny’s hand on me is still inside my mind.

I hugged Dan­ny close to me, he did not reject, so close as if we are the same body. Scene of his hair rush­ing to my nose. Send­ing sig­nal to my brain cells even faster than Super Jar­ing can offer.

What­ev­er hap­pens next, I think should be between me and Dad­dy. He is cute, and big too.

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Met Dan­ny today. It was great. I felt ner­vous because this is the first time I have ever invit­ed some­one that I have not met before over to my house.

He came over, with his bicy­cle. In fact he was stay­ing very near to me. We met on the net.

He called me on my mobile the past few days. He sound­ed cute. I real­ly like it. The way he act­ed when I chat with him is nice.

When I saw him, I noticed his hair. Its so soft and so smooth. I invit­ed him in of course.

He sat on my bed, look­ing around. I put the VCD that he brought along in the play­er and put it on the TV. We watch, and soon get­ting real­ly horny. He start­ed to sit clos­er to me.

He lean more against me, I smell his hair, nice. He put his hand on my thigh, at this moment, we are both lying down on my bed. He turned over and hugged me, and put his hand inside my pants. I did­n’t stop him for I feel good hav­ing his hand on my crotch.

I can’t stand it any­more. I took off my pants, reveal­ing my white brief. I grab Dan­ny’s hand and I put it inside my brief. He starts to fon­dle around. Both of us are not total­ly igno­rance to what is on the TV. He slow­ly slide my under­pants down to my knee, and start stroking me gen­tly.

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Me & Myself

I have a lot of things going inside me. Things that I can­not explain. Is this what they called the puber­ty stage? I am cre­at­ing this blog to write down the dai­ly hap­pen­ings of myself. Some­thing that my school friends should not know about. I think this is the safest place for me to put my feel­ings into words.

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