Hel­lo, you are read­ing CedricAng.com. This blog is about me, myself and occa­sion­al rants.

I am a gay 20 some­thing busi­ness per­son who inher­it­ed the busi­ness from my dad. When I start­ed blog­ging most of my post were about gay sex. My pri­ma­ry rela­tion­ship was with a guy who I referred to in this blog as ‘L’. I absolute­ly adore him, how­ev­er, my rela­tion­ship with him was not monogamous.

My rela­tion­ship with ex-boyfriend ‘L’ came to an end. It became clear that in 2008 that we had to split up.  I still think of him sometimes.

Due of my nature of the busi­ness, I trav­el a lot.

I enjoy my com­pan­ions along­side with a few glass­es of wine. Noth­ing beats a good heart to heart talk over wine, sit­ting on the bal­cony or a warm fire­place dur­ing winter.

I like tak­ing pho­tos and sports. I also con­sid­er myself a speed demon. I ride a BMW HP4.

I have set up a wish­list for those that had pre­vi­ous­ly asked.

CedricAng.com is a plat­form for me to write. It does not rep­re­sent any Cedric Ang. Any resem­blance to real per­sons, liv­ing or dead, is pure­ly coincidental.

Char­ac­ters in writ­ing are fic­ti­tious. Any resem­blance between the char­ac­ters in this pic­ture and any per­sons, liv­ing or dead, is a miracle.

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