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Remembering The Boy

I could not put myself together to clean up the bulk of things that I kept in the store.

It was the memories; memories of you in my heart for that short period of time that we were together.

Remember the time when I went over to your place, and then we started sending text messages to each other expressing our interest? Remember the time when you sneak out from school to come see me because you said you miss seeing me?

It was never easy letting you go; I have learn that sometimes it is always best to let things go in order for us to continue moving forward.

Looking back at the things that was in the store made me thinking. What was it that made us together despite our differences.

I can’t find a reason.

It’s time now, to let it all go.

Maybe you still have a small spot in my heart, but for now, I think I still have space to store things up under my bed.

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My Getaway

While many do not know, but I have been traveling around for quite some time now before I landed on New York to continue with my studies.

Since early September 2008, after I had landed in Bangkok, Thailand, I have been wandering around. The reason was that it was exactly a year before that that I have met with The Boy.

I was packed with minimal luggage, I do buy souvenirs but I send them back home from each destination I visit.

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Meeting someone new

Mentioned in my previous post, I had met John.

John, were sitting beside me when we were at the orientation hall. While I was chatting on MSN, I saw from the corner of my eyes that John was peeping.

Well, without bad intention actually; he was curious how did I signed on to MSN, while the varsity’s firewall had blocked almost three quarter of the World Wide Web.

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