That Feeling

You know that feeling when you liked someone? That tingling sensation that you often hear in movie dialogs but don’t quite know what it is?

It was this guy that I got to know back in the days. We can’t say we know each other, but he has heard of me, and likewise I have heard of him.

He messaged me one day in response to something that I have posted in a forum. In that message was his contact number. I sent him a text and it was a short exchange of messages, nothing moved; this was a year ago.

As I was looking through my archive of text messages, I saw a familiar unnamed number. I messaged that number again, and I got a reply. After a series of messages exchanged, we finally agree to meet.

He came over to my place, I saw him trying to back off for a moment, but eventually he let himself in. Perhaps he was surprised that my description of myself wasn’t that accurate; I described myself as an Indian with big belly at the age of 43.

So I ushered him to sit around, brought him some beer and we began our chat. We had a great chat, with lots of laughs and teasing. He gave me that kinda feeling that I like, unlike the past where I meet people and we just could not engage in a conversation, this was different, and different at so many levels.

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