That Chat

We went for supper shortly after. I wanted to go somewhere further but it was getting too late and I was feeling a little sleepy. So we decided somewhere nearby instead. Again, we had such good conversation about everything up until the dining table.

It was when he showed me his phone with my number who he had named it as ‘Dono Who’. I agree, i did not officially tell him what is my name, which I think it was not important at that time. i took his phone, and entered my name into that entry.

When he took back the phone, he stared at it for a moment.

“Your name is very familiar, where have I known you before?”

A very bad way to clear my name, I realized. He promised to shove it aside but we all know it will not happen. We humans just like to dig out the past and talk about them, one time or another.

Back home, we still continue to talk about it. I showed him some messages that we previously exchanged, and that jogged his memory a little.

We hugged a lot that night, and basically talk till both of us fell asleep. It was the first time I had this kind of experience. I still remember that we had this discussion so seriously, he totally forgot about the road and drive into a pothole.

The morning, we both hugged a little before sending him off. He has got a meeting so i didn’t disturb him during the day. We had planned previously to go for a movie after he has done his stuffs.

Then, things did not go well .. I am still sad.. why? How come? How did it happened the way it did?

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