Happy Birthday, 2011

I do not know when, but when I last sent The Boy a one-sided short text message, I did not receive a delivery report. No replies, no delivery report, nothing. This was back in 2010.

A few days back, as I was browsing on my Whatsapp, I saw a familiar number that was on Whatsapp. It was The Boy’s number; I have kept his number till date, not wanting to remove it from my address book, not wanting to remove him.

Ironic, I am still not able to get him on Facebook, he has just vanished.

I did, rather frequently, dream about him. Variously, about him having his studies, about him being together with me again, but to no avail, I know these are just dreams and will probably will not happen.

To know The Boy so much, and yet to know so little about him is just too tormenting. At times, I still tear myself to sleep, hoping that one day, he would call me.

I know it would probably not happen. I have yet to give up hope.

Happy 21st Birthday, Boy.

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