Happy Birthday, 2010

For as far as I remem­bered, The Boy and I have not been con­tact­ing each oth­er for at least a year. The last time that I have actu­al­ly con­tact­ed him was actu­al­ly a one sided sms mes­sage to him wish­ing him a hap­py birth­day.

It is iron­ic so to speak, to have two ex boy friends that shares the same birth date. At least one of the con­so­la­tion that I have that anoth­er ex is younger than the oth­er.

On that faith­ful night, I sent an SMS to The Boy, not know­ing if I should expect that sar­cas­tic reply from him or some­thing more sub­tle. It is after all, years have past.

No reply.

No deliv­ery report.


The Boy has changed his num­ber.

He … dis­ap­peared.

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