The Gay Species

Boy Love

It’s true that they say we humans are afraid of things that we do not know or do not understand.

Take algebra for example, how much we hate it, how much we dislike it, how much we feared it; Once we got the basics, we are glad that we know it.

Closeted gays are afraid to come out from the closet because of how the society look at them. How would you feel when a friend openly tease about two boys holding hands while you two hang out together? I surely would not want to come out to him, or let known that I am interested with boys.

Lucky I don’t have such friends.

The abundance of misconception is frightening. You have government issued statements on how to ‘identify’ one being gay solely just because of how we dress up. You have people sending boys to camps to ‘straighten’ them up. Are gays such a ‘violent’ species that you must avoid and exterminate at all cost?

Worst is when you meet people on gay social networks who call themselves as being ‘simple’. Hello? You are gay, your life is never simple. People look down at you because you like your own gender, people discriminate you because they think you are fucking everyone that you see.

Then, what is wrong with these gay people?


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