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I remember there was this one time where I have posted something about being fake. I don’t understand though, just because I prefer not to have my pictures posted online, I am automatically called a ‘faker’. When I do, and when I posted an old picture of myself, I am called a ‘faker’.

Then, when other people post celebrity pictures as their profile pictures, they are not being fake. Why is that so? I hardly could comprehend. I figured, if the said person is using a picture that is not his own, but of a celebrity, he is spared from the public persecution, but however if the said person is using a picture of another person who isn’t quite as famous, is he then a faker. Does that make sense?

A profile picture is a picture that I feel much represents me at that moment of time, perhaps a picture that I think is good, well taken, or have some artistic forms in it. It does not automatically make me a ‘faker’ because in no way did I mentioned that the picture represent me. Just like if I would to put my puppy dog picture as my display, it does not mean that I am a dog.

Even more that I could not comprehend is that people claiming to know me by person, telling another person stories about me that he conviniently made up. The said person knows me by perhaps a few ‘hi, how are you’ messages sent on MSN or Skype but never anything else. What is there to know about me then?

How can one judge that I am a bad person, when you have only heard stories about from another person who has probably heard stories about me that heard my stories from another person that got the story from his friends who got it from his another friend?

What’s worst is back in the days when you could tell me about your life stories about how you have ran away from home and how you have managed to deceived so many people thinking that your dad is actually not your real father but in fact your sugar daddy really amaze me. I mean, you have to trust me at least to a certain high level to tell me such things, which in return I have kept it as a secret for it will ruin your reputation as a person and as a famous blogger.

You instead choose to listen to rumors and based on your silly assumptions that you thought I was the one behind the things that someone else was doing because you felt that it was my ‘tactic’.

Do you think I would even be bothered?

How old are you already? 21 and you still have this kinda kiddish perception. God, save me already.



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