Malaysian Election Brings Out The Racism Ghosts In Us

I boarded the plane headed back to Malaysia, for the first time in my life, I am exercising my rights, and my duty to my country.

Funny is that I am required to pay thousands of ringgit of taxes, and yet I have to register myself to vote in my country, but that’s another story.

I live in an area where the community barely know each other. Perhaps the situation got worst when the residence here are mostly working adults renting on single rooms. However, I do know my neighbors in my small gated community.

Still wearing traces of alcohol from last night’s party, I headed to the polling station that I was supposed to be. Dad was supposed to give me a lift but I decided to head on out myself first; he was having his morning tea with his friends at a nearby coffee shop.

So I was lining up for about fifteen minutes before this couple approached me. The guy first asked me to sing Negaraku. I asked him to go away. His female companion was asking me why I don’t have a BCG scar (I was wearing a singlet). They asked which part of Indonesia am I from and all sort of degrading questions. I ignored them. The female companion looks like those cam whoring bimbos with overloads of cheap make up products on their face, perhaps to cover up their flaws that everyone but themselves sees.

The crowd slowly gathered, mostly yuppies that I do not recognize. I was blocked for entering the polling station. People starting taking photos of me. For about 10 minutes of interrogation, the police came, subsequently like a well played movie, so did my dad.

The yuppie boy friend was shouting at the police while pointing his manicured fingers at me shouting “Hantu, hantu”. The girl friend was busy shoving her condom wrapped Galaxy Note II in my face. Wished I swipe it off her hand, though.

So the police came. Looked at me, then look back at the couple. “Mana hantu?”

I looked back at the police, first time speaking. I said “Semalam girl friend tak bagi jolok, hari ni mau show kasi man sikit.” The cops laugh. Then told the couple. “Ini anak tan sri. Mana ade hantu?”

I replied, “Make up macam hantu, boleh ke?”

We both laugh.

That two were never seen in the line after that.

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