Malaysia to ban Facebook

Sometimes you ought to owe it to the Malaysian government when something as hilarious as this happens; to make our Monday blues disappear.

I wonder what is it this time. Could it be because of Alviss Kong’s suicide note that now the government is afraid of more copycats emerging and expressing their feelings on Facebook before the attempt to cause grievous hurt to themselves or was it because of the recent uncovered slander that put Malaysia in the world headline. Should we all be screaming cover up now?

We all knew more or less about the truth towards the Anwar’s sodomy case. It was a pure set up. I mean, how could one still not take precaution for the second time that he is going to get caught. Could it be because of that long period of time that our ex deputy prime minister has forgotten?

Not that we are bunch of clones that only could react to a certain command issued by a certain entity to perform certain task, even without Facebook as the medium, one would still find ways insult towards Islam and show disrespect. I for one feel that by limiting and banning such privileges from us only shows your insult towards how you are handling the situation.

I think it is an insult to our intellegence if the government would allow the censorship of such act, loosely based on a single Facebook account that was said to have certain negative remarks on certain political members.

Well first, Datuk Seri Dr Shahidan Kassim got to convince Malaysia’s Prime Ministry Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd. Najib to drop his very own Facebook account.

It is when politicians no longer able to take on critics, they have the power to turn everything in the name of insult and national security. Good job.

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