Dealmates? What’s the deal?

I rarely blog about things like this but I think it is funny.

I stumble upon this group buying site that seems to be a hot topic right now for bargain hunters. Group buying is basically harnessing the internet and buying things from a merchant with huge discounts. It is also another way of marketing for the merchant for a very low fee. It is a three wins kinda situation where everyone gets a good deal out of it.

Back to the topic of what I was gonna blog about.

It was this particular Facebook advert that I was looking at. About this one particular group buying site named Dealmates. While the name is interesting, but what interest me is they are throwing RM100k on a marketing campaign, that is going to make the company look cheap, or the people that believe that they are actually giving out the RM100k look stupid.

Let’s put it in a very simple way of looking at things.

Do they have the money? Probably. Since they have recently signed some deal with Intel Cap, which in no where did I see any figures mentioned. Dodgy.

Are they going to give out the money? Probably not. The ‘contest’ is based on a lottery system. There are no mention of the mechanics of how the winning person is going to be choosen. The biggest issue would be, it needs to be tipped by 100k users as well.

Looking at the rate of how the numbers are growing, I do not think it will reach the tipping point. In fact, I do not even think it will reach 1/4 of the tipping point.

So what are they trying to do? Do they really have the real money to actually do advertising? I doubt.

So I dug further. I signed up, and I was disgusted by how I was greeted by “Hi friend” in an email from Dealmates.

“Hi Friend”?


No wonder it went into my spam mail.

Then, the list was called “kualalumpur”, and it as signed off by a dude called Joshua Wong.

So I went further to find out who is this Joshua Wong.

It turns out to be a very well connected china man that relates back to Catcha, and iProperty. Why would I want to call him a china man when I know so little about a person? Well, china man companies usually like to put their name on everything they own, in this case, the mailing list of “kualalumpur”.

What I dislike is how you have made me fill up the form, by signing up to your site and then you call me your friend. Can’t accept that.

The website loads fine, but it felt sluggish even with my brand new Macbook Pro that I have bought. The only reason for that is bad codings, and hell load of unnecessary widgets. Need or not? What’s with that lazy blueish website that is static at the background? This is so year 2000.

I saw this Brotzeit deal that was going on, and I thought it was a good deal and since I will be back for F1 in Singapore, I might as well drop by to see mom and dad and stay over for a week or so. So I paid with my credit card, and wanted to share it out to Twitter.

All I got was RED. Red because the character limits.

What is interesting also is that, their RM100k deal is also appearing on my blog. Which I am wondering what kinda keywords are they targetting, and how much cpc are they paying.

I have successfully run so many dot com companies, and I never needed more than 50k to get the kinda traffic that I want. Of course, as much as I see the intentions of driving traffic, I also see that they are being very cheap. Cheap in a way that they are doing it by not having any money, and they are doing it for free. Any merchants or buyers or whoever should just totally avoid dealing with Dealmates, or whatever.

On the backend, they are running on .NET. With known URL like Interesting.

So I asked a few Malaysian friends who so happened are also fans of their Facebook page. Non of them think that it will be tipped, and they also think that Dealmates just do not have that edge to stand out.

What else can I say.

Group buying is all about harnessing the power of the internet and connecting people into buying a certain product or service. In this very scenario, we use social media like Twitter and Facebook to drive the traffic and the people; When I see a deal that I like, I tweet it just like how I tweet news and things that I like. However, because of bad web codings or whatever, I can’t tweet. What’s the point of having a tweet button then?

Secondly, they have a Twitter account. Good idea, promote the deals via twitter. However, they are just using their twitter account to further promote deals, and instead of communicating with potential customers, or whatever. No wonder they have so little followers.

Their Facebook replies to customer is very idiotic as well. If I have reach through you from a social media platform, with my name clearly displayed, I’d expect you to address me by my name, instead of calling me Dear Sir.

So, social media you tak boleh, customer service you tak boleh, web site tak boleh, what else can you do?

Update: I just check on Dealmates page again. I sometimes wondering if they indeed hired a photographer (They stated that they are hiring). Some of the photos look pretty bad, some are decent and some are just pure nice.

Update 2: I called the number on their website only to be answered by a china man, who speaks broken english and oic. Which confirm my theory about Joshua Wong.

Update 3: Their SEO is bad, web coding is bad, but judging from Joshua Wong LinkedIn, I won’t be surprised it’s so 2000.

While I might not be a group buying site, but having 100k uniques’ a day on my blog, I think I can do better than you.

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12 Responses to Dealmates? What’s the deal?

  1. Kenny September 23, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    I think they hav hired a photographer and if i am not mistaken the photographer is someone quite well known. but not sure y foto still look bad. some are nice though.

  2. jen September 24, 2011 at 3:32 pm #

    hey i brought the brotzet deal too because the photo are just so damn delicious

  3. anonymous September 24, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    i am still waiting for my refund!

  4. TooToo September 25, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    The 100k deal is a cheat!!

    • UNIMPRESSED October 5, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

      @TooToo, dude if you did a background check on them, you would know that they DO have the money. catcha and mindvalley isn’t some small company. mindvalley is american. 100k is a small fart.

  5. anonymous September 25, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

    I wanted to list my business with them but after reading your comments I am thinking twice. Thanks.

    • UNIMPRESSED October 5, 2011 at 9:58 pm #

      @anonymous, haha don’t listen to this asshole man. you’re dumb if you do. i did business with them and they were really nice and professional. they do speak english well but importantly, they’ve got proper business ethics. hate the fact that some douchebag is spreading false rumours of a perfectly good company.

  6. anonymous September 28, 2011 at 2:14 pm #

    they hav good deals but sometimes are just lousy. 72 bucks for beer? please

  7. UNIMPRESSED October 5, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    lol. you are totally blowing your own trumpet, mcbook, F1 and whatever. get a life man. sheesh. so what if people like buying stuff from websites like this? sorry, not all of us are rich like you. and btw, dealmates is a totally legit site and don’t make your own assumptions without checking. the way i see it, the 100k deal is actually a pretty smart marketing trick. why? jealous that you never thought of such a thing? i bet you only know how to talk big here, in real life you’re prolly some lil’ pussy. you’re all like that. either that or you’re probably a really a douchebag.

    • Cedric Ang October 6, 2011 at 7:05 am #

      @UNIMPRESSED, Get a life, I do. Which is why I don’t hide myself behind a blog, and actually appear in newspapers. Smart marketing, not denying that, did I? You probably probably need to actually get a life and actually learn how to read than to make assumptions. It’s okay for calling me a douche, many people do because they cannot seem to do what I do. Sad to be you mate.

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      • UNIMPRESSED October 14, 2011 at 12:00 am #

        @Cedric Ang, Haha whatever man. Just stick to writing your cheap porn okay. I think besides that, no one actually cares what you have to say.

        • Cedric Ang October 14, 2011 at 12:15 am #

          @UNIMPRESSED, Evidently, you do. Else you won’t be here, again and again and again to check out the posts and comments.

          Why are you here again?

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