1Malaysia, 1Propaganda, 1Failure

I have never had to agree on the kind of bullcrap that my fellow Malaysian friends are having on a daily basis.

Just yesterday, news of a new technology that the Japanese would love to get their hands on was highly publicized on local and foreign news wires. To sum up for the day’s news, Malaysian Prime Minister announced that all Malaysians aged 18 and above would received a complimentary 1Malaysia email accounts.

Well, if I get his idea right, I think he is a very smart businessman. Give the citizens email accounts, bombard the said email accounts with seasons greetings and promotional materials, thus saving the trouble of hiring a marketing agency and purchasing email address from companies to sell them.

To top it off the business, one would need to have access to the internet to access to their emails. Which means, more business for TM Malaysia, which is a government linked company.

Good profit margins, if you were to ask me.

Curiosity kills the cat and it certainly killed me; from dying of a bad sour and stale joke.

1Malaysia email registration

It started off from a link that I saw on Twitter, the link for the beta usage of the 1Malaysia email. I clicked and tried to register myself.

Clean nice interface, very good for the visually impaired. Teal color scheme, not too bad, compared with other government or related websites.

I wonder though, why would I need to provide an alternate email address, when this 1Malaysia email is supposed to be my 1 inbox that I will be using for my life, or at least as a citizen of Malaysia? Where is the 1Malaysia.com.my as claimed by our lovely Prime Minister? Maybe they are only giving myemail.my during the beta testing period, I thought.

Things gone wrong with I pressed the ‘Register’ button. I thought my mouse was having issue since it’s a black mouse and it might have some racial issues. I switched to my Wacom Intuos4 tablet, and still have an issue.

I thought maybe the system has already registered me, so I went ahead and tried to sign in to the system.

Alas, I was greeted by a very ugly and unsightly screen that most system administrator would try to stay off from.

1Malaysia email error page

They did not even have a custom error page!

So I guess, in Malaysian ways, “Beta” generally means, enter at your own risk, nothing else is working.

I fail to understand though, with Najib’s administration where he tries to kill off the racism amongst Malaysian, but having to do more branding than the action, was it really necessary ?

So you have a 100 storey proposed building in construction, instead of spending the money on useless things.

Forget about free broadband, forget about free WiFi for the country. What the country really need is to get off from racism and corruption.

Get your 100 storey buildings, put in the homeless and really poor people. Demolish the old wooden houses in the city. In the 100 storey building, do not separate them with races, instead, alternate them. They can’t fight because that way they will be kicked off the building and left homeless.

So whats so bad about that plan? This way, the general Malaysians would not complaint that you are putting money into waste, secondly I am sure the news of Malaysia’s charity will hit international. Why not? Good publicity stunt too!

So you want to give the public email addresses. Even if the company is working together with Microsoft to provide the service, how reliable is the service itself? Will it be monitored by the government? Are we even going to check that one email account if not already an overwhelming amounts of email accounts that we have? I certainly will not.

How much space are you giving? How many man hours are you going to spend on system maintenance? What about softwares and hardwares? Are they sufficient?

If you really want to leave a mark whilst you are still a Prime Minister, get rid of all the bad things, and leave what is what alone. No point trying as you are already trying too hard.

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2 Responses to 1Malaysia, 1Propaganda, 1Failure

  1. Zeltish April 20, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    Of course he’s smart.

  2. twilightzone May 26, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    It has been shelved..! Suddenly quiet when the nation protested.

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