The Malaysian Politics

I am here now, lying down on the firm and comfortable hotel bed, exhausted and yet ‘enjoyful’ typing this entry of the blog post.

I have been out of the country for a very long time, that I have lost count already. My passport has been abused and harassed numerous times, that I think that abuse might turn into an enjoyment. One do wonder, do the custom’s officers enjoyed spanking the on the visitor’s passports when they embark into the country.

Here I am, in Wellington, New Zealand. I must say, I have met a lot of people from all over the world, From Argentina, to Brazil right up to New Zealand.

I could say that I can’t wait to get back to Malaysia, back to my not so closet self, back to all the hypocritical people, back to all that political bullshits. Yes, I have been following the Perak by-elections, and I can tell you, I think these idiots should just do the world a favor, and bury themselves. The news on The Star’s news site tickled my funny bone. Now, I know it is a strong fashion statement, but do we really get fined for wearing a skirt nowadays? Zang Toi should not be allowed to have outlets in Malaysia, then, if they are going to fine for RM20. What was that for? A fashion statement? Or a show of power? Perhaps, in better words, a show of stupidity and being a closed minded government?

Just when I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo’s 5 inch heels that I thought would be a fucking good fashion statement. Now I am not too sure if I should be walking down to Pavilion, with a pair of heels that the female species are so dying for. Yes, I wore heels.

On a not too recent studies, Mr Yik Koon Teh in a paper wrote that transexuals cannot be explained by social factors. While we all understand that the Muslims enforced the prohibition of transgenders, but why are the rulings enforced to those, who are not Muslims?

In school, we were brain washed by the Malaysian education system that Malaysia is a multiracial country, and that Islam, is the official religion. I believe many still have that in their school books. Alas, ‘leaders’ these days tells us, Malaysia is a Muslim country, and that we, as a Malaysian, should follow what Muslim countries do.

Perhaps that is the main reason why I wanted to leave Malaysia so badly. Not that I feel that the other countries would be better, but a more rather, ‘not so much bullshit’.

I am tired, staring at my Macbook Pro isn’t going to get me sleepy at all. I should rest, a lot if stuffs waiting for me in the morning.

Oh, I do think that Malaysia is the the most closet case of all in terms of sexuality. Come out from the closet already, will you?

Reference: International Journal of Transgenderism (PDF)

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6 Responses to The Malaysian Politics

  1. cyrus February 16, 2009 at 7:47 pm #

    u care becz tis is ur country…. we as malaysian should not condemn our own country until not worth a single cent…. perhaps…we should work for it… agree wit u tat our country sometimes really full of craps… bt wat to do??? shut up or do something….

    no offence…^^

    • Cedric Ang February 17, 2009 at 6:09 pm #


      You haven read about me writing and ‘condemning’ my own country yet. What I wrote was just a mere wake up call, so that I do not need to throw away my pair of heels.

      • cyrus February 17, 2009 at 6:39 pm #

        @Cedric Ang,

        erm…. i din ask u to throw away ur heels… well, its up to u whether wear heels or wat…. cz u r the one wearing it… if i were u, i wouldnt care wat ppl think bout me so…bleh….~~~

        • Cedric Ang February 17, 2009 at 7:34 pm #


          But I will get fined RM20.

  2. cyrus February 18, 2009 at 11:33 pm #

    oh…izit? i dunno bout tis… really..?tats nonsense….bleh…

  3. Cedric Ang February 19, 2009 at 12:32 pm #


    Nothing we can do, unless we change our skin color.

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