The girl in the freak accident

While watching the Internet race itself past me, I could not help but to notice a torrent of cries and spurs about BHPetrol back home.

It was first a glimpse of a freak accident. It then turned out to be something inhumane, if you will. The story of two petrol kiosk attendant refusing to loan a fire extinguisher that could have save a young lady’s life.

What’s more than a PR nightmare for BHPetrol. Not only that they have to compete with the more popular local brands, now people are boycotting them because of their refusal, or should I say, the incapacity of their staffs to actually have some common sense.

Of course, the big company is trying to protect their staffs too, citing that the staff in question has been hit by a recent robbery, and that they are just having a precaution by not allowing the staff to leave the counter.

I can see the dilemma here.

We know most Malaysians are not the trustful bunch. We are bunch of actors, we tend to act a lot to get the job done. I would not had opened the door if it was me at the station given the situation of being robbed, and under such circumstances. However, being on the law and common sense, would it not be in any human sense that at least a fire extinguisher is available on the outside, by the pumps?

Of course, the officials from BHPetrol refuse to comment or dragging it until next week while the PR officers read it from a well prepared script.

Or would the general Malaysians just forget about it, just like how we forgot about most issues that hit the headlines?

If you have missed the headlines, it’s on Bernama.

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  1. skyhawk June 4, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    What a sad story. A typical Malaysian culture. Maybe v should boycott BHP also. They should educate their staff. Fire extinguisher is to save life, not to place in ur store for the authority to do “check-up” every year!

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