The gay casanova

I am sure we all heard, about that homosexual guy raping and robbing from fellow gay people.

I got to admit, I am disgusted by his acts. Not only you are robbing them off their virginity and properties, you have also put in a scar that will scar them for life, STD.

I had a lot of thoughts on this, but I do not know how to put it into words.

I guess many people had read or heard about the ‘misreported’ news. Not that I am on that guy’s side, but rather there was no prove of any sort that he is in fact a HIV carrier. Further, the HIV ‘factual’ actually came from Kor, one of the victims who had received a call from the guy that said he was infected. Kor earlier told me that he had went for a check up, and the result was negative.

The 17 year old however, was unfortunate to have syphilis. However, syphilis is a highly contagious disease spread via it’s spore. It was not clear where did the 17 y/o got the syphilis but let’s assume it was on his anus.

The so called other victims were lured into hotel rooms, and reading of other stories, the modus operandi is almost the same. What has the world been up to? Are these teenages that easily manipulated that they would easily just follow a known male homosexual into hotel rooms and expect nothing to happen ?

I beg to differ. There must be some form of consent going on there, but of course, we all know that in Malaysia, admitting to submission to homosexual activities is like making reservation to prison.

I am willing to help. I have managed to identify a handful of victims, from Penang, to Johor.  Most of these victims are not fluent with English, and some don’t even bother trying to read a conversation that is started with English. I can help, and I have a game plan, but I need people who are willing to contribute their time to help me out.

Pink Triangle, now is your time to shine.

For those who are lost, here is the news from The Star.

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