Democracy Is Not Dead

Today marks the history for Malaysians as results of the Malaysian General Elections are made official.

The first message I got after my 18 hour flight from Malaysia was Barisan National won the General Election by 133 parliamentary seats. It also marks it as the dirtiest election in Malaysia’s electoral history.

It saddens me that we as Malaysians are not fighting for the right cause. We want cheaper cars and cheaper petrol, do you know how much more cars are we going to put on the road if that happens?

Why isn’t Malaysian’s public transportation up to par to our neighboring countries? Could it be because Mahathir was busy channeling funds into his pet projects like Perwaja and Proton?

It is really up to Barisan National to accept what is wrong with their formula that the non-malays and a fraction of the race are seeking refuse with Pakatan Rakyat. We see that MCA who seen to be fighting so dearly for the Chinese now do not have the Chinese’ favor.

Activism is much alive in Malaysia and across the globe. Just moments ago I am looking and pictures from Taiwan, Australia and elsewhere demanding a truth from the electoral roll.

Change doesn’t happen over night. Pakatan Rakyat has been garnering popularity since 2008 and that number is only growing in 2013. If Barisan National still insist on the same formulae after this election, it will surely be kicked out of the bench in the next.

Look at the trend where Barisan National is. These are the places where people are comfortable, people that are not exposed to the Internet and people who trust Barisan National. On the other hand, Pakatan Rakyat is getting 51% popularity votes, which is a good sign.

Democratic is a long term investment. I bet my foot that after a week or so, people will stop posting and get on with their little lives, paying their taxes, bribing the police and parking illegally.

To all you young first time voters out there, changes doesn’t happen overnight. We see a positive grow for Pakatan, and that should be a good sign. Your continuous support is needed and not just a few days after the general elections and during Bersih rally. And to those who think a cry for help to Barack Obama, at least learn some proper English first.

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  1. Power Kitty May 16, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

    oh hey!! you’re back after so so so so so so so so so long!

    i was searching for an old link in the bookmarks, came across yours and decided to try my luck 🙂 who knows that you’re back!

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