Yen Kwang

It’s the holidays now and Tommy’s cousin came over from Penang to stay over at his place for the holidays.

I came to know about this when I met Tommy’s uncle. He’s a friendly guy, treating us beer and food almost every night. I cannot imagine how someone can live like that just merely just by gambling.

Anyways, Tommy and I make up this plan to try to get his cousin over to my house. We planned this for a while.

Finally the day came when my parents went off to Korea. Me and Tommy wanted him to stay over the night but he said wants to have a basketball match early in the morning. It was pretty impossible for him to stay over, but he can come over in the afternoon.

I agreed to that, given the chance that my parents are not at home, it should be okay.

I went over to Tommy’s house to pick him up. Actually, Yen Kwang isn’t really that cute, he looks like a nerd and his hair style is bad. Maybe this is because of the strict rules in the school that he is studying at.

Anyways, he played some games on my notebook. My PC somehow slowed down and the sound card crapped the device players. I hugged him from behind all the time, and slowly put my hand on his crotch.

He seems to be hard a little, while he was on the game, I gently stroke his semi hard dick. He did not seemed that he cared, I asked him to stand up and I took out his shirt. Moments later, I took off his pants.

He was hard then, I wanted to suck it bad. There were a small bush, and it was quite long. His foreskin could not retract.

I masturbated him a while, while he is still sitting on the pillow that I put on the floor. Playing Need For Speed Underground 2. He ejaculated without control after I masturbated him a while. He was surprised and I think got freaked out a bit as he thought he might have wet himself.

I turn on some movies for him, and he was asking me all kinds of questions. My guess is that he had not seen any of those movies before. He even told me he doesn’t know how or what is masturbation. I moved him to lie on my bed, and I went down on him. He’s got a tight ass and even my fingers could not get in much.

I lube myself up, lying down beside him with him on his side, I tried to enter him. He was tensed up which I slowly guide my way in. He freaked out.

I got him down my bed, and bent him over my bed like doggy style. Only standing up. I tried to enter again but he just refused to let me in.

He was getting a little annoyed and noisy, I had to stop. I turn him around, asking him to get on his cloths. I showed him how I masturbated while hugging him. The feeling was quite okay and I cummed on the floor. Sigh.

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