Writer’s Block

I guess one of the biggest headache that writers or bloggers have nowadays are the sudden hit of ‘blankness’ when it comes to writing something.

Before bloggers are commercially known, it was called the writer’s block.

Anyways, I have a few things that I have in my mind right now, several that could be blog worthy, but I doubt that I would want to pen them down. Reason because it might be a little too short to be a blog worthy post.

Now, some might thing that I am too lazy to strike up a post or 2. Well, maybe I am but I dissent that I am. I was just afraid that I might digress into something else, like most of the time.

Now, for me to churn up something like what I write is not a simple task. Due to some unforeseen habits, I tend to make a lot of grammar mistakes. I was born with Britain English, but I prefer to write in American English. I used to get fucked up in school by the teachers because I prefer to spell colors instead of colours.

So instead of putting each topic that I want to talk about on separate posts, I am going to put everything here instead.

Let’s start with [MSN conversations](http://www.cedricang.com/a/randomly-thinking/msn-conversations-20071225/ MSN Conversations”). Never fail, people kept on adding me randomly on MSN, and then when they come back online after I approve them, they come asking me “u r”. I don’t know, call me outdated or something, but is that a replacement for “Hello” or “Hi” these days? I mean, if you would want to strike up a conversation (whether it ends with a fuck or not) why can’t you just say hi? Wouldn’t it give people better impression than a blatant “u r”? After that ” U R” thing, then it will proceed to “ASL”; it never fails. I don’t need a mother in law now.

Toilets, you have to hate them sometimes. Fine if you are in Garden’s Premium Toilet where you pay to get your dick cleaned, but we are talking about public toilet that the majority of the pigs uses. That’s right, the old stinky public toilets. I have been to the ones in Midvalley, it is a busy joint alright. You see people come, and people go. Pee drips on the floor, and especially the Midvalley urinals, how badly can it be designed. Imagine one of the urinals is so near the exit, when one walk it, you can already see the wee wee of the person who’s doing his pee pee.

That’s just not it, the place stinks. Not because there wasn’t any cleaners to clean, but because some people just refuse to stand closer to the urinal so that their pee would not drip on the floor. Not everyone has got a 7 incher, you pigs. If you don’t have a 7 incher, then fucking stand closer so your pee don’t drop out of the urinal.

Men don’t sit on the toilet seat when they pee, it would not be too hard to just lift the cover up in case your wee wee can’t aim as good as you thought it would. FUCKING LIFT UP THE SEAT LAA!

Driving on the road in KL sucks too. Motorcycle don’t stick to the left lane, they like to hog to right. Hogging is one thing, but traveling at the speed that even my grandmother could walk faster is definitely asking for trouble. General rule of thumb, you want to be traveling faster than the average traffic so that people don’t need to avoid you, just in case some blind fucks in the car can’t see you. Then again, people on the bike nowadays don’t know that. No wonder the fatalities for motorist are so damn high.

What irks me out is when I go to the bar, people would buy me drinks. Well a drink or 2 is fine, but a drink for my number, or trying to get me to your bed? It’s way too easy, buddy. Even I don’t do that.

Getting me to the bed is easy, all I need is to get comfortable with you. I mean if you are just going to offer me a drink, and them bombard me with questions like I am your answering machine, well thanks but no thanks, I can afford my own drinks.

Okay, enough bitch for Monday. I know, the post is hanging. Time to go home already mah!

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