Okay, I am not officially worried yet, but I am very very worried right now and my mind is thinking those that are not necessary.

I met up with Lester just now; we had a small argument, and I prefer to talk with him face to face instead of just exchanging words on MSN, things can get really ugly when you chat on MSN, sometimes.

So, I went over to pick up L, he got to go back for dinner by 8, and I picked him up by 7. Reached home about 15 minutes later, and we started talking about issues that we are facing.

We exchanged kisses and hugs, and then when I wanted to send him home, it was too late; 5 minutes before 8. He then suggested we eat out, something light and easy.

After our quickie dinner, when I was sending L home, K2 called me and ask for a meet up. Well K2 had been wanting to meet up with me, saying that he had something to talk to me. I wasn’t sure what was it as he refused to tell me on the phone, but he did hinted that it was something to do with Lester.

On the other day, after I went out with Lester to go around KL, and lost my phone, K2 had tried to called me and could not get me. He was worried and concern and left a message on my MSN. I tried to call him back but he is always in a meeting.

K2 is a good friend, I must agree. When I went to the pub last time, K2 knew about my problems with Lester, and he had always been there to listen to be and hear me out. He is a guy that every person would want, unbiased and always there to listen. L had warned me about me approaching his friends, in this case, I think the relationship between K2 and me, are still at the border line, without me crossing over to the other side.

So I picked up K2 after dropping L back home. L knows that I am going out with K2, as I told him that I was going to, trying to be as transparent as I can so that Lester do not misunderstand our relationship.

When I met K2, we started chatting. I had to lie to K2 that I have not seen L for a very long time, although we did exchange a couple of SMS, and that’s about it. It was something that Lester would have wanted, not letting anyone know about our relationship, I thought it was fair too, since L and K2 are friends, and K2 works very closely with K, the person who was dating L the other time.

I had not know that L had broke up with K. Lester would not have told me if we had not had that fight the other time. It seems like I seem to find out things about L whenever we argue about something else, and this is definately not healthy at all.

Further, I had come to an understanding that ‘winning’ is not always the solution. Sometimes I just agree to what L said, and put the issue to the back of my mind.

L told me that K had dumped him, for another person, another person that L himself know. Ironically, this person that K went after, is also a person that I know for a couple of hours; I had fetched him from Wangsa Maju, to the pub to meet with K2. I later found out from K2, after our outing together just a few hours ago. No wonder K2 is angry at K. K had betrayed L’s trust, and had betrayed K2’s friendship. The guy that K going after, also has got a boy friend. Man, this is getting really complicated that I myself could not comprehend.

I guess, this is what they call as the ‘gay circle’.

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