Who is the bully?

I don’t know about you but I am sick of having to live with the lies portrayed by the local main stream media.

I mean, what happened to free media? Why are there so many lies in it?

Were there so little people in the Bersih rally? I was there, and with my own eyes, I could not see the end of the road. It is as massive as a rave party in Amsterdam, no it is more massive than a rave party in Amsterdam. That’s how huge it is.

First lie they ever told, was that they never ‘attacked’ the hospital. Either the Ministry of Health is blind, or just in plain denial. There is an abundance of video footage, photos of water cannons aiming to the hospital compounds. Of course, someone said it was because of the wind that blew it over. Just like how technology increase the chances of being hit by an earthquake and a tsunami by Rosmah, right?

Then of course there is that denial about excessive force. It is not the first time the Malaysian Police Force being on the news for being violent, trigger happy and cover-ups. There was a footage of a civilian with a head injury, bleeding and only being cover by a cap by another police officer. What was that?

A journalist was being arrested for doing his job, taking photos of protesters being arrested, by force.

Tear gas being deployed on both ends of the rally, trapping protesters in the middle, no where to run.

What is the role of the Malaysian Police force if not to create harm and havoc to the people? Aren’t the police, the friendly neighborhood police that we grew up to believe and respect supposed to protect us? Was there rowdy protesters attacking the police? I don’t see any. Was there the police hitting on the civilians, armed with nothing but water bottles? Aplenty.

So, who is the bully now?

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