When you think you don’t care

When I receive words from L that he will be out with a friend to a pub for an interview, I was worried.

After I have started the courtship with L, I have given him my spare phone number which is also my supplimentary line number because it would be more logic to call or text me using that number. Although that L promised me he would pay his end of the line, I would not care.

When he break the news that he was with a friend in a pub, it got me worried, and only to get worst when I still had not hear from him way until closing time of any pub is allowed to open.

It was about 8 something at night when he said that he is in a pub with a friend. From my understanding, this friend is working there, and is trying to introduce the job to L.

I wasn’t too comfortable with this. Mainly because of the environment, and probably because of how roody a crowd can be in a pub, especially during weekends. I have worked in a pub before, and I did not like it because of the ‘people’. They are just too, dangerous.

Come midnight, I still have not heard from L. I sent him a couple of SMS which was unanswered because his phone had run out of battery. I figured if he was to got back already, he would already received my message when he plug his phone into his charger.

With friend finder, I managed to send a message to the service before L’s battery cut off. He was in the vicinity of the worst place to be, Sunway Mentari.

While I agree that the rates of the pubs there are good, but they people there are just too scarry to imagine. My friends and I had a couple of experience where a wave of transversite running towards us when we were sitting at a restaurant nearby, followed by a few enforcement officers.

I got really worried, and I went out searching for L. I went on to the location where the Friend finder service indicated where L was last at, I sent myself another Friend Finder request to confirm, and I search the area around and around not hoping to see what I have least hope.

Empty handed, I reached home feeling relieved that I had not find L, in the mean time, I was still worried. I still had not heard anything from him.

He sent me a message around 5 something. I saw the message. I could not sleep the whole night, and I drifted to sleep after that.

I messaged him again the next afternoon, he said he was sorry and that his phone was out of battery. Can’t blame him. Situation like this happened to me before.

I thought I could get to talk to him online, he went out before I can get to talk to him.

I thought he must be back to sleep again, since he got back so late previously. I only to find out he is not when I send a Friend Finder request.

Well, this time he said he was in the cinema with friends. Okay with me actually, but he did not tell me until I asked him for the third time.

I really had a rough day at work, I thought I could get someone to talk to. I send L another sms asking him where he is, and perhaps by habit, I sent another request to Friend Finder as well. His last location was at the same place where he was yesterday, the pub.

Streaks of tears flowing down my cheek, wetting my pillow…

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