When I was a kid

Sometimes I have this feeling that I do not know how should I handle.

When I was young, maybe 10 years old I went to this constructing apartment to play. No one was there, it was a good place to play hide and seek with my friends.

This day, we were there again, playing hide and seek. I was hiding in the far corner of the basement, waiting and waiting to be caught.

The security guard came. I was scared because I know I should not be there. Maybe he saw my facial expression, he asked me to calm down. He then sit beside me and he had his hand on my crotch. Iā€™m not making this up, his blardee hand is on my crotch!

He put his hand into my hands, running my dick head and the skin around it. He played for quite a bit and then he turned me around, and took off my pants, making me lie down on the rock hard cement, my dick now sore, from rubbing against the cold hard cement floor of the car park.

He lie on me, with his dick aiming for my virgin butt hole. He tried pushing it in, harder each time and he would pull it out once a while and spit some saliva on his hand to rub on his prick. The feeling of having his dick in my ass is now gone, sometimes I feel horny about it, sometimes anger. I do not remember if I had felt pain when it happened, or was it good? I do not know. I was only 10!

He stood up, and pull me up with him. Asking me to sit beside him. It was over. I put my hand on his penis, it was wet, most likely wet from the semen residue from his orgasm since he was getting soft, and it was oozing out from his piss hole. I hope he had a good time, because he just took the virginity of my butt from me šŸ™

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